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Review: Taming the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

The Taming of the Billionaire 
by Jessica Clare
Series:  Billionaires and Bridesmaids #2
Pub. Date:  July 21, 2015
Publisher:  Penguin
Pages:  244
Format:  eARC
Source:  Publisher

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The New York Times bestselling author of The Billionaire and the Virgin returns with a tale of Shakespearean-style seduction…

Edie’s an overbearing cat behaviorist who’s not big on people. Magnus is a newly-rich game developer who likes to be in control. When the two of them meet at Gretchen and Hunter’s masquerade engagement party, the loathing is mutual. Unfortunately for them—and everyone else—they’re in the wedding party together and must deal with each other for the next few months.

But when Magnus’s younger brother falls for Edie’s sister, he begs for his brother’s help in concocting a plan to win her over. If Magnus can keep the prickly Edie occupied, his brother will have time to woo Edie’s sister. Of course, Magnus isn’t interested in the slightest, but Edie is…intriguing. And stubborn. And smart. And sexy. And they might have more in common than they thought.

Before long, it becomes a challenge between the two of them to see who will be tamed first. But how’s Edie going to react when she finds out that Magnus is using her? And how’s Magnus going to handle the fact that he’s fallen for a cat lady? 

So this series is a spinoff from the Billionaire Boys Club series by Jessica Clare, which I have not read. I think that puts me at a disadvantage because I don't know the back stories of the people who are actually getting married. That bothers my OCD a little bit.

In this installment, our couple getting married are Gretchen and Hunter. I think their story would be super interesting, so I am definitely going to go back and read it. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't actually get to read about the wedding though!

Our bridesmaid who is the focus of the story is Edie, an extremely grumpy cat lady. Edie was a hard character to love, she was abrasive and confrontational and was usually covered in cat hair. But given the choice between Edie and her horrible sister, Bianca, I would choose Edie any day.

The billionaire groomsman matched to Edie is Magnus, who made his fortune creating video games and selling their intellectual property. I quite liked Magnus. I didn't quite form a picture of him in my head, so I will just substitute Henry Cavill because, why not? Magnus had great work ethic, but he didn't have a lot of backbone when it came to his brother, Levi. I really wanted to shake the spit out of Levi, and I am surprised Magnus didn't deck him a time or two.

One thing that kept me from enjoying this story as much as I might have otherwise was all of the lying and manipulation. I am not a fan of that in stories. I understand why it was done here - it helped us empathize with Edie and her prickly pear personality. Then once Magnus came clean with Edie, I didn't really care for how she handled it. But otherwise his was a nice little billionaire romance with some nice steamy smexytime.

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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About the Author

Jessica Clare is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author who writes under three different names. As Jill Myles, she writes a little bit of everything, from sexy, comedic urban fantasy to zombie fairy tales. As Jessica Clare, she writes erotic contemporary romance.

She also has a third pen name (because why stop at two?). As Jessica Sims, she writes fun, sexy shifter paranormals. She lives in Texas with her husband, cats, and too many dust-bunnies. Jill spends her time writing, reading, writing, playing video games, and doing even more writing.



“If I didn’t like you, would I do this?”

And he leaned forward, put his hands on the sides of her face, and pressed his mouth to those full, red lips.

She stiffened underneath him, clearly surprised. Hell, that made two of them. Magnus hadn’t expected to kiss her. But when she’d pursed that pretty mouth in a sarcastic expression, he felt determined to prove her wrong. To show her that yes, he could like someone like her, and here was what he had to offer.

So he kissed her.

It was a quick kiss, his mouth simply pressing against hers for a moment, and Edie too startled to part her lips under his. Out of habit, his tongue grazed the seam of her mouth before he pulled away, and then they were both left blinking and staring at each other.

“You kissed me,” she said softly, and she sounded shocked.

“I know. I . . . kind of want to do it again.”

“Okay.” She blinked up at him.

Good enough. He pulled her close again and this time, when he pressed his mouth to hers, those lush lips parted for his tongue. He wanted to groan when he felt her tongue brush along his, a hot snake of desire ripping through him. Then her mouth opened wider for him and they were locked together, tongues melding as the kiss grew deeper and more passionate, and she was clinging to his shirt and he was holding her and slanting his mouth against hers over and over again, licking her like he would if he was between her legs and she had her thighs on his shoulders and—

Magnus pulled away again, and Edie gazed up at him, completely dazed. “Go out on a date with me,” he pressed again. He released her.

She wobbled and took a step backward to regain her balance. He almost reached out to catch her—almost—but he stopped himself. Edie hated being treated like she needed help. So he watched while she straightened her jacket and smoothed her hair, noticing her lipstick was smeared on that pretty, pretty mouth. He wanted to reach out and fix it with his fingers, but he was afraid if he touched her again, he’d grab her by the hips and fling her down on his bed.

Date. That was what they needed. Just a date.

“Date?” he asked again when she remained silent.

Her fingers fluttered to her mouth. “I . . . I’ll think about it.”

Magnus grinned, because that wasn’t a no. In his book, that was as good as a yes. “You do that.”

Billionaires & Bridesmaids Series

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