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Review: Bewitching the Enemy by Dawn Chartier

Bewitching the Enemy 
by Dawn Chartier
Series: Vieux Carré Witch Sister #1
Pub. Date:  Oct. 27, 2014
Publisher:  Entangled Covet
Pages:  196
Format:  eBook
Source:  Purchased

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Rebuilding New witch at a time.

Contractor Storm Morgeaux is trying to keep her business afloat and not sleep with the hot-'n'-sexy new client, Dr. Nathan Davis. Adding to her troubles is the fact she accidentally released a series of dark spells. Now evil warlocks are after her family, and she has no idea who she can trust.

Nathan's biggest concern is getting his pediatric surgery center up and running. Still, his stunning new contractor provides plenty of distraction―until she sets off his Paladin medallion. A warlock is near. Nathan's first responsibility is eliminating the woman who wields new and dangerous magic. But something about Storm calls to him. She's mysterious, sexy, and downright irresistible, but most surprisingly, his.

Without the spells, Storm must learn to trust her new abilities. But can she trust the man who's torn between loving her...and killing her?

I love stories that are set in New Orleans... so I was excited when I saw that this series was set in the Vieux Carré! (Because I saw mentioned in some reviews that people did not know what Vieux Carré was... well, that's the French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans!) Now that I am a New Orleanian, I just love reading these stories because I can picture things happening in all my familiar places. Driving down St. Charles, walking through the residential section of Bourbon, NOMA, etc. And while I knew all the areas that were mentioned in this book, I am not sure that someone outside the area would have the same reading experience. So I would have loved to see more world-building and scene description. I love this city, and there was lots of room here to make readers fall in love with it also. So I hope the rest of the series beefs up the world building and adds more description of the scenery I am growing to love.

As for the story itself - it's got good bones. There is potential here and I am hoping this first book is a set up for the series that will continue to engross readers with tales of witches, warlocks, warmaids, paladins and other types of paranormal creatures. New Orleans is the perfect setting for these types of stories. We have four sisters who are (unbeknownst to them) hybrid witches and warlocks. The girls' mother has kept them ignorant and hidden from the warlocks, who are evil and kill witches. When a tragedy happens, the girls are thrown into this new world and must adjust their beliefs quickly.

Our heroine, Storm Morgeaux, is a contractor. I liked Storm for the most part. I liked that she wasn't the typical female heroine that is uber girly. She is a tough chick and is not afraid to swing a sledgehammer. And our hero, Nathan Davis is a pediatric doctor and paladin. While I liked both of these characters, I wanted more. I wanted more backstory, more details, more personality traits... particularly with Nathan. We know he had a very difficult and abusive childhood, and he lets it slip that he has never received a Christmas gift. There was lots of room there to expound on his past and make him a more appealing, yet tortured, hero. I just like those uber detailed stories which I know I am not usually getting in a short book like this. But the more details there are, the less the dialogue seems stilted and the more I connect with the characters. So even though I liked the characters, I would have liked to see more character development.

Along those lines - I would have also liked a little more explanation. What's a paladin? What's their origin? What powers do the warlocks have? What powers do the girls have as witches? Storm has this special power that may have something to do with rewinding time, or reading psychic residue from items, but neither of those are really explained. What's the deal w/ the mating symbol? How does it work? What effects does it have? I'll stop here because getting a little redundant by this point.

So I think the series has potential, and I will keep reading to see if I get that "more" that I'm looking for.

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