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Indie Wednesday Spotlight Review: Coach by Alexa Riley

by Alexa Riley
Series:  Breeding #1
Pub. Date:  Sept. 9, 2015
Publisher:  Self-Pub
Pages:  117
Format:  eBook
Source:  Kindle Unlimited
Challenges:  Pervy Girl, New to You, KU

My Rating:  
Sultry Scale:

Retiring from the NFL was the right decision, and at thirty years old, I've done things most people could only dream of. After all I've accomplished, coaching high school football should be easy...but when you've got a distraction in the form of a nerdy girl with curves, things can get complicated. 

She's a student, she's barely legal, and she's my best friend’s daughter. 

I didn't know what desire was until Megan. I had no idea obsession could drive someone insane, until I saw her. I wasn't prepared for the fact that once I laid eyes on Megan my life would really begin. 

I have to have her, no matter what the cost. I have to breed her and bind her to me so tightly she can't ever get away. She'll be mine, even if I have to take her. 

Warning: this book is ridiculous, over the top, completely unbelievable, and pretty much just about breeding the heroine. If you're okay with that, welcome to my dirty, dirty book! Just remember, I warned you.

O-M-G. What did I just read??? Lemme 'splain.  See, I really wanted to read Mechanic because I am totally lusting over the cover.  But right before I started it today, I noticed on Goodreads that it was actually second in a series. Well, of course my OCD had to kick in and would not let me start in the middle.  

So I went on my little one-clicking trip to find the first book, which turns out to be Coach. And I have to admit - Alexa Riley does fantastic covers. Seriously - holy hot hairy guy! I am not usually one for an abundance of body hair, but even I cannot deny that dude on the cover looks very, erm, tasty. Well, as long as you don't mind picking hairs out of your teeth. He just looks like a man's man, be still my smutty heart.

But I read the blurb for this one and I was like... um, I'm not sure this book is for me. It sounds a little squicky.  I mean, I am now thinking of my gym coach from school, and my softball and baseball coaches, and I am not seeing good things. I can honestly say that there were no hot teachers or coaches at my schools that had teen girls giggling and swooning over their hair shirts.  We were more likely to be laughing and pointing at their furry shoulders or something. So, no.  Then to pile it on, this book is about BREEDING.  What IS that?  I have certainly never heard of a freaking breeding fetish.  That's seriously a thing?  Hmmm... this got my curiosity going.  What IS it? I just had to know. And - now I do. And it was kind of fascinating, in a weird way of course.

This is the range of faces I was making as I read this book.
So the authors warn you right in the blurb that this book was ridiculous and over the top, which I totally respect. Because then I know what to expect going in.  Nothing worse than starting a book and getting blindsided with weirdness. The warning for this book definitely rings true. I kept saying OMG, EW! and No Way!  But I also couldn't stop turning the page in wide-eyed wonder and bewilderment and morbid fascination.  Then I would show a passage to my bud, Deanna, and make her commiserate with me. I kid you knot, at one point the words "poop juice" came out of her mouth. Ugh. You can guess which face that was above.

As you can imagine, this book is sex over substance. And when I say sex, it's of the shocking smutty filthy dirty sort. Was it entertaining?  Yes. I have to say so.  Will I read the other books in the series? I think so - but I probably won't read them all together.  I think that much breeding would shock my system.  Or worse, it could desensitize me to this stuff and make me think it was (((shudder))) normal!  So I am giving this one 3 shocking stars... not regular stars. These are 3 stars on the smutty smut smut scale. Maybe those stars should be a different color... they need to be a bit tarnished I think.

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About the Author

Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.

They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!

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