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Indie Wednesday Spotlight and Review! Leather & Lace by Samantha Cole

This is the inaugural edition of the new feature here on Bambi Unbridled - Indie Wednesday!!!  This feature will take place the third Wednesday of every month and will feature a review and spotlight for an indie author. For our first edition, I am happy to present you with indie author, Samantha Cole!

Samantha Cole is a retired policewoman and former paramedic who has started her third career as an author. She has lived in the suburbs of NYC all her life. Ms. Cole is planning on becoming a 'snow-bird' soon and splitting my time between New York and Florida. Her two dogs, Jinx and Bella, keep her company and remind their 'mom' to take a break from writing every once in a while and go for a walk, of course with them in tow.

Ms. Cole has been an avid reader all her life and was often found with one or two books in her hand as a child. After being gifted with a stack of romance novels from her grandmother, Samantha's love of the genre began in her teens and blossomed further in adulthood. She is continuing to work on the Trident Security series and also has a few stand-alone books planned as well. 

Leather & Lace 
by Samantha Cole
Series:  Trident Security #1
Pub. Date:  April 21, 2015
Publisher:  Self-Pub
Pages:  271
Format:  eARC
Source:  Author / Kindle Unlimited

My Rating:  
Sultry Scale:

Kristen Anders is starting her life over again after divorcing her cheating husband. An author of several 'vanilla' romance novels, she spiced up her latest one involving BDSM and it became a best-seller. Now she's researching the subject for her follow-up book and manages to get a tour of the elite, private sex club, The Covenant, and runs into the one person she never expected to see there. 

Devon "Devil Dog" Sawyer is intrigued by a cute brunette he meets at a friend's Irish pub and does something he hasn't done in over twelve years. He asks her out on a date. While it might seem strange to most, Devon's only relationships since he was twenty-four have started and ended in the same place–a BDSM club.

What was supposed to be a single weekend of mutual pleasure and dirty sex, turns into something more. But while they fight their growing connection, a killer has Devon in his sights and Kristen may end up as collateral damage. Will they survive with their lives and hearts intact? 

This book contains adult content.

Teaser by Samantha Cole

Phew, please pardon me while I fan myself.  The Sexy Six-Pack indeed!  Who's the Sexy Six-Pack?  I will tell you, but don't get your hopes up because they are mine, all mine!  Well, I might let you have the Six Pack if I can have Carter, the super spy black ops guy.  The Sexy Six-Pack, deemed so by our heroine, are a group of former Navy SEALs who have come home from the service and started Trident Security... and another little side business.  Just a small one - an uber private club where adults go to have, er, adult fun!  The story is set in Tampa, Florida... and where the heck was this place (or these men) when I lived in Tampa????  I may have stayed if I could have met a Devon or Ian or Carter sneaking around the shadows of the city.

The heroine in this story is Kristen Anders.  She is an author who has written a number of vanilla romances, one BDSM romance, and is working on her second BDSM romance. She also does beta reading for some extra money.  It was lots of fun to get into the reading/writing world with this heroine!  Kristen is fresh out of a marriage to a one of those selfish-in-the-sack asshats who made it seem like their problems were her fault... so she wasn't particularly looking for a romantic entanglement as soon as she moved to Tampa.  However, Kristen is struck mute at the site of the Sexy Six Pack when she walks into a pub for some lunch and writing time with her laptop.  She is particularly interested in Devon who is the embodiment of Master Xavier, the hero of the book she is writing.  

Devon was an uber-hot alpha male dom tough guy.  He was also tall with dark hair, electric eyes, and a body as chiseled as a marble statue.  (Stand-by, I had to fan myself for a minute while thinking about him.)  How fortuitous for Kristen to have met Devon, the owner of a sex club, just when she needs to do more research into BDSM for her next book.  The pair falls into a steamy and salacious D/s relationship that fogged up my Kindle screen.

In the midst of this relationship, the former SEAL team gets targeted by an assassin and puts them all in danger.  The guys have to figure out who is behind the plot while trying to keep everyone safe.  I enjoyed the suspense plot just as much as the sexytime... so that is always a good sign.

Samantha sent me this book for free in exchange for an honest review.  I have to admit that I had not heard of her before... but that is one reason that I decided to start this Indie Wednesday feature.  How would we ever find out about these talented authors if people don't help spread the word!  So thanks to Samantha for sending me this book... please write one for Carter!  And I think his leading female should be a spunky attorney named Jennifer! ;)  

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