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Audiobook Review: Last Breath by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick

Last Breath 
by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick
Series:  Hitman #2
Pub. Date:  April 7, 2015
Publisher:  Tantor Audio
Narrator:  Iggy Toma, Kasha Kensington
Length:  10 hrs 33 min
Format:  Audiobook
Source:  Library / Hoopla

My Rating:  
Sultry Scale:

From the bestselling authors of Last Hit comes the next in the steamy series that explores the exquisite power of our darkest passions . . .

Regan : I never really knew what misery was until the day I was kidnapped and sold for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two months later, I’m at a brothel in Rio when I meet Daniel Hays. He says he’s here to save me, but can I trust him? All I know of him are his sarcastic retorts and his tendency to solve every dispute with his gun. He’s also the only safe thing in my world, and I know it’s wrong to fall in love with him, but I can’t seem to help myself. He says he’ll protect me until his last breath, but I don’t know if I should believe him or even if I can.

Daniel: For the last eighteen months, one goal has dictated every action I’ve taken. I’ve left the Army, turned paid hit man, and befriended criminals all across the globe to find my kidnapped sister. In every brothel I raid and every human trafficking truck I stop, I hope the next face I find is my sister’s. In a hidden brothel in Rio, I find Regan Porter, bruised but not broken, and still sane despite her weeks in captivity. I should leave her behind or send her home, because the last thing either of us needs right now is to get involved. But with every passing minute, I find I’m less able to let her go.

Last Breath picks up pretty much where Last Hit left. Regan has been sold in a sex trafficking ring and is stuck in a sleazy bordello with a bleak outlook. Get your tissues for this part of the book because you will need them. I don't advocate trying to listen to the audiobook while you are doing your makeup in the morning (as I did) because it was a ridiculous effort.

We met Daniel in Last Hit as a bad boy acquaintance of Nikolai. We learn in this book that Daniel is not really so much of a bad boy. He is ex-military and searching for his sister who was kidnapped from Cancun, and has rescued countless other girls from the sex trade along the way.

I liked both of these characters, but I didn't have quite as strong of a connection as I would have liked, despite the emotional beginning. I think that it was because of the instalove that occurred and I just couldn't wrap my brain around the sexytime happening so soon after her forced participation in the sex trade. That being said, I still really enjoyed the story, particularly the suspense aspect with the search for Naomi, running from and going up against Mr. Freeze and his thugs, and Mendoza's odd little community. 

Iggy Toma and Kasha Kensington narrate this whole series, and I raved about Iggy in book one. He did a fine job here as well narrating Daniel, but I really missed his Russian accent from Last Hit. That's why I am stoked that Naomi and Vasily will be getting a book and can't wait to listen to that one!

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