Saturday, April 30, 2016

Series Saturday Audiobook Review: Seduction in Session by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Series:  Perfect Gentlemen
Pub. Date:  Jan. 5, 2016
Publisher:  Penguin Audio / Berkley
Narrator:  Kaleo Griffith
Length:  13 hrs 50 min
Format:  Audiobook

The Perfect Gentlemen are back with my favorite hero of the group. I think. At least until the next book. Or we find out that Maddox isn't dead. Shayla and Lexi were being very mean about this at the RT Convention and would not give us any hints!

Soooooo... Connor Sparks. The dangerous one. The spy. The CIA Agent. Secret Aggggeeeent Man. He's big and blond and muscled. He's loyal and has powerful friends. He's serious and broody. He has scars - physical and emotional. Oh, and he's loaded. Gah! I die. He's freaking perfect! I lurved this hero. I wanted him for myself. Maybe I will go stake out my local CIA field office and see if I can catch one. Or maybe they will come straight to me since I was silly enough to just google "CIA field office locations in the United States."  Someone please come erase my google history if I die. Seriously.

The heroine that Connor is after paired up with is Lara Anderson, daughter of a Congressman who secretly runs a political scandal site known as Capital Scandals. I hated her. I thought she was a whiny hippy dippy vegan meat-shamer. I'm all for living whatever lifestyle you want, whether its vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, organic, what have you.  But don't shame me for eating meat! You do you, and I'll do me, and we'll both be happy.  I'm a paleo girl myself, a carnivore. I make sure to get in my veggies and buy organic and grassfed when I can, but my body craves protein and red meat. So I just could not put myself in the place of this heroine, who put her poor little dog on a vegan diet! Good grief that has to be against evolution or nature or something. And don't hate on me if you are vegan (or a hippy), I am only a little bit serious. Maybe.

So the relationship between these two starts off swimmingly with lies... ALL LIES! I am usually not a fan of deception in romance stories, but I was so in like with Connor that I was willing to forgive him for a lot. I was hoping he would come clean about his identity and investigation of Lara before she found out in some bad way... but of course that never happens in books because we need that dramatic hook. I found myself quite surprised that when Lara did find out... I was leaning more toward her side.  That never happens!  Of course, if I were her, Connor could have just taken off his shirt and I probably would have forgiven him.  But one of Connor's friends pulls a bonehead move and so I was feeling a little sorry for Lara (she had stopped meat shaming by this time and so I was less annoyed at her). The relationship didn't feel like instalove to me... they had to pose as a couple so it would not appear that Lara had a bodyguard, but I didn't feel like they jumped into bed too fast or anything like that. I did start to chastise Connor a bit for continuing the deception when he had a perfect opportunity to reveal all... but that's how these stories go. All the drama and his resultant groveling did provide us with more of Connor's back story, and you just couldn't stay mad at him after that.

I love this close knit group of guys so much. Their loyalty knows no bounds it seems and they are always there to take care of one another. The Perfect Gentlemen are still searching for the truth about Maddox's death and how it ties to the president and his former nanny, Natalia Kulikov. I am enjoying this overarching suspense/mystery storyline, and I am starting to get suspicions about the scenario. We uncover some additional interesting tidbits in this installment, and I particularly enjoyed peeking into Zach's life and personality. At one point, I just wanted to wrap Zach up and hug him and squeeze him and pet him until he wasn't sad anymore. With each installment of the series, I end up thinking another one of these PGs is going to be my favorite.  It's really bringing out my fickle nature.

I did listen to this one in audio.  The narrator, Kaleo Griffith, did a good job with all the male parts of the story/dialogue.  But I do not enjoy hearing him attempt female voices. All of the females sound pretty much the same, and the high-pitched falsetto that was affected did as much to grate on my nerves as the meat-shaming.  I have a print ARC of the next installment, so I'm interested to see if I enjoy it more than the audio.

Perfect Gentlemen

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