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Audiobook Review: A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

A Quick Bite 
by Lynsay Sands
Series:  Argeneau #1
Pub. Date:  Sept. 15, 2009
Publisher:  Harper Audio
Narrator:  Victoria McGee
Length:  10 hrs 53 min
Format:  Audiobook

My Rating:  
Sultry Scale:

That hot guy tied to Lissianna Argeneau's bed? He's not dessert - he's the main course!
Lissianna has been spending her centuries pining for Mr. Right, not just a quick snack, and this sexy guy she finds in her bed looks like he might be a candidate. But there's another, more pressing issue: her tendency to faint at the sight of especially annoying quirk for a vampire. Of course it doesn't hurt that this man has a delicious-looking neck. What kind of cold-blooded vampire woman could resist a bite of that?
Dr. Gregory Hewitt recovers from the shock of waking up in a stranger's bedroom pretty quickly - once he sees a gorgeous woman about to treat him to a wild night of passion. But is it possible for the good doctor to find true love with a vampire vixen, or will he be just a good meal? That's a question Dr. Greg might be willing to sink his teeth into...if he can just get Lissianna to bite.
I'm a big fan of Lynsay Sands and am well on my way to having read all of her historicals. I have the majority done but am saving those last few to pull me out of reading slumps. If you haven't read her historicals yet, I suggest giving them a shot in audio. She has great narrators that really bring the characters for life. Back to the book at hand, I don't know why I haven't tried the Argeneau series before now. It may be because I tend to search out urban fantasy series because I like to follow the same couple throughout... but I have run through those and now am going back to the paranormal multi-couple series such as Argeneau, Immortals After Dark, etc.

This book was a little different from other vampy books that I have read and listened to in that our hero was not the fangy one. Dr. Gregory Hewitt is a psychologist that specializes in the treatment of phobias. He seems to be a bit of a workaholic and his sister is constantly setting him up on blind dates. He manages to get out of the latest fix up because he is all set to go on vacation to Cancun, his first vacation in many years. Unfortunately before he can do any relaxing, Greg is spirited away by a female vamp who plans to give him to her daughter as a birthday present!

Our heroine is also unique, Lissianna Argeneau is a 200 y/o vamp who suffers from hemophobia. She faints at the sight of blood. This has made Lissianna largely dependent on her family for feeding. So when she sees great bound to her bed with a bow, she mistakes him for dinner! They couple has an instant connection it seems, and Greg is the first mortal whose mind is closed to Lissianna.

As Greg proves to have a strong will, the vamps are at odds regarding his fate and future. He needs to treat Lissianna's phobia... but danger seems to find them at every turn. This was a light-hearted paranormal. It wasn't a dark fantasy with broody vamps and overly serious characters, but it was entertaining despite being somewhat shallow. I don't mean that in a negative way.

So I liked the story, but I didn't love it. I honestly think it was the beta male thing. I like my vamps to be dark, broody and dominant. Greg is pretty much the opposite of those characteristics. Maybe some of the other Argeneau brothers will tickle my fang fancy... but I will keep reading regardless because I know I am going to be entertained with any book by Lynsay.

Since this was an audio, I feel like I should say something about the narrator. It was a solid performance. Nothing stuck out as good or bad. My mind did wander off a few times that required me to rewind... but that was more about me being busy than the book not holding my interest.

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