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Review: An Oath Sworn by Diana Cosby

An Oath Sworn
by Diana Cosby
Series:  The Oath Trilogy #3
Pub. Date:  Dec. 22, 2015
Publisher:  Lyrical Press
Pages:  232
Format:  eARC
Source:  NetGalley

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Bound by honor to save a country they love…

The bastard daughter of the French king, Marie Alesia Serouge has just one chance at freedom when she escapes her captor in the Scottish highlands. A mere pawn in a scheme to destroy relations between France and Scotland, Marie must reach her father and reveal the Englishmen’s treacherous plot. But she can’t abandon the wounded warrior she stumbles upon—and she can’t deny that his fierce masculinity, Scottish or not, stirs something wild inside her.

Colyne MacKerran is on a mission for his king, and he’s well aware that spies are lying in wait for him everywhere. Wounded en route, he escapes his attackers and is aided by an alluring Frenchwoman…whose explanation for her presence in the Highlands rings false. Even if she saved his life, he cannot trust her with his secrets. But he won’t leave her to the mercy of brigands, either—and as they race for the coast, he can’t help but wonder if her kiss is as passionate as she is.

With nothing in common but their honor, Colyne and Marie face a dangerous journey to safety through the untamed Scottish landscape—and their own reckless hearts…

This love story was both sweet and tumultuous. Our hero is Colyne, the Earl of Strathcliffe; and our heroine is Marie, King Philip's bastard daughter. The pair encounter one another while they are both running for their lives from the Duke of Renard's men. Keeping their identities and travel purposes secret, they make their way across Scotland trying to reach France before the Duke's men can find them.

Colyne was my favorite character in the earlier books of the series - but he didn't seem like the same person in this book. I still liked his character. He is a bit heartbroken after his first love, Elizabet, married another. His interested is piqued by Marie, even though he knows she is hiding something. I do wish that Colyne had been more like a typical highlander. He seemed like a bit of a softy to me.

Marie was a strong-willed and capable heroine. She definitely didn't act like the stereotypical nobility. She cared for the sick and poor, and those less fortunate. She didn't quail about the harsh conditions they traveled through. I liked her somewhat, but I also had a problem with the way she treated Colyne. Knowing what she did about Elizabet, it was not fair for her to engage Colyne's affections when she had no plan to follow through. I can't say more than that w/o giving spoilers.

I did like this story the best so far, but I didn't get drawn in like I hoped I would. I blame that on the fact that I had to keep stopping and running errands so I didn't get to read it all in one sitting. When I did actually get to sit down and read several chapters at a time, the story was good. It dragged a bit in the first half, but the action as you near the end was fantastic and there were quite a few close call moments.

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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