Thursday, November 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday Review: The Taming by Aleen Malcolm

Happy Thanksgiving Bambinas!
What are you thankful for this holiday? I am thankful for a great number of things... but I have to say that one not-so-serious thing I discovered I am thankful for this weeks is... ebooks!  For this Throwback Thursday, I decided to dip into my stack of vintage DTBs. The Taming by Aleen Malcolm was published in 1979, the year of my illustrious birth. I was not able to find this book in an electronic format, so I went through the trials and tribulations of reading a paperback this week.  It made me realize that I am really spoiled by ebooks! I needed a flashlight to read in bed - I don't even own a book light anymore! And I couldn't get a comfortable grip as I was laying down, and I had to hold the pages open, and hold the light.  It was just so much work! So I am super grateful for the technology that has given us ereaders and audiobooks as they make my life so much more convenient.  So now, let's get on to our throwback review!  Stay tuned after the jump for a giveaway for this vintage gem.

The Taming 
by Aleen Malcolm
Series:  Cameron #1
Pub. Date:  May 1979
Publisher:  Dell Publishing
Pages:  480
Format:  Paperback
Source:  Amazon

My Rating:  
Sultry Scale:


was Cameron -- beautiful, innocent, shameless; a spark of Scotland's blazing past. With the pure, unspoiled spirit of a child and the ripening womanhood of a temptress, she was an irresistible challenge to every man who met her....

was Alex -- the dashing son of a highland warrior; tormented by a tragic past, he had vowed to live only for today. Until that windswept night when the emerald-eyed, fiery-spirited Cameron charged into his world atop a rearing black stallion....

Together they crossed the Scottish isle from the raw, sea-worn cliffs and endless moors to the lavish mirrored halls of Edinburgh's high society. Together they plunged toward the inevitable moment that would rule their lives forever -- and carry their hearts to the rapturous brink of...THE TAMING

The immortal tale of a man and a woman who dared to share a dangerous love, a reckless destiny.

So I think I should point out right up front that this book does not tell the whole story of our H/h. Their love story continues over the course of the first two books in the series, then I believe it switches to the story of their children for the third book. 

Our hero for this story is Sir Alexander Sinclair, who has come back to Scotland to bury his father on native soil. His family had fled to the New World following Scotland's defeat at Culloden. Now, after the death of a Jacobite family friend, Alex has become the guardian of an out-of-control Highland brat.  Said brat becomes our heroine, Cameron Fraser.  Cameron is a wild child who has been running free (in a kilt no less) across the northern Highlands. She is the extreme antithesis of a lady. She runs around naked, rides a great beast of a horse bareback and astride, curses and throws great raging temper tantrums.

This is truly one of the old skool bodice rippers, so you expect that the story and romance will be of a darker nature. It ticks a lot of those boxes, but its definitely not the darkest I have read.  It is, however, one of the most contentious.  Good grief, to say the couple had a love-hate relationship would be the understatement of 1979. They were so far on the side of hate that they fought like demons for a good 95% of the book.  And they ran away from each other a lot.  So I would caution you not to read this book when are low on patience. I kept waiting for them to get to the grand passion or work things out, but as I was creeping to the very last pages, I realized it was not going to happen.  So I did my research and discovered the story continues.  Will I continue with it?  Yes, probably.  But not this week.  I must build up some tolerance to the drama a little first.

Cameron Series


Do you like these vintage romance novels? Since they are in short supply these days, I have decided to pay mine forward. So I am giving away my copy of the paperback published in 1979.  I have to say that it is in great condition - its certainly held up over the years better than I have! The giveaway copy is pictured below - flashlight not included!