Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Fairy Nuff by Lucy Shea

Fairy Nuff: A Humorous Tale of When Wishes Go Wrong, with a Twist of Fantasy and Romance 
by Lucy Shea
Series:  The Magical Comedies
Pub. Date:  Sept. 15, 2015
Publisher:  Elly Books
Pages:  207
Format:  eBook
Source:  Kindle Unlimited

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Magic causes mayhem as a single woman tries to solve her problems using the power to make wishes come true in this fun novel with laugh-out-loud moments, a twist of fantasy and a smidgen of romance. 

Unaware of the magical powers hidden in her fairy costume, Julie wears it to a friend’s fancy dress party. Bumping into her ex-boyfriend after a few drinks, she almost sleeps with him again — until the costume intervenes. No matter what she does, it won’t come off — not for work, not for a wash and not for sex! 

Then her wishes start coming true — but never in the way she wants them. When she wishes for a dishy doctor to sweep her off her feet, he uses a broom and she ends up on crutches. When she wishes for children, five tearaways ransack her house and vomit on her carpet. The costume, it seems, conceals a hidden agenda. 

So Julie Nuffield (or “Nuff” to her friends) turns detective to uncover the truth about the fairy costume’s past. Only when she reveals the secrets of its magical powers can she find the right wish to bring her happiness. Until then, she must live as the woman they call Fairy Nuff. 

Previously published under the author name, Jane Killick.

This was a light-hearted read set in Britain that had that cozy mystery feel. The mystery here was not of the detective variety, but of the paranormal bent in that our main character, Julia Nuffsfield (a/k/a Nuff) has gotten stuck in a fairy costume that she bought for a costume party. No matter who tries, whether its Nuff, her friends, or medical professionals, they cannot get the costume off. Nuff then realizes that things she wishes for are coming true, but in the most literal sense. Wishing to get swept off her feet by a dishy doctor gets her literally knocked off her feet with a broom and she ends up on crutches. So the story has a bit of a ridiculous bent, but its all in good fun.

Nuff and friends must find out how these wishes work and what the point of the costume is, and why she can't get it off. This leads to several sticky situations for Fairy Nuff. Her pal Eileen (an actress) tags along for a number of them, and her ex-boyfriend Martin is also there at times. I have to say that I didn't get the moral of the story or understand the point of the costume. The ending was a bit abrupt and anti-climactic, as was the implied romance which seemed to come out of nowhere in the last few pages.

If you are a fan of British chick lit, this book is a nice way to spend a few hours as long as you aren't taking yourself too seriously. I have to admit that its not my thing normally, and I had to look up a lot of the British slang, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. I just wish the moral/point of the story was a little more clear and the romance would have been developed more.

The author requested I review the story, but I pulled a copy from Kindle Unlimited rather than receiving a free copy from the author. 

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