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Review: An English Bride in Scotland by Lynsay Sands

An English Bride In Scotland by Lynsay Sands
Series: An English Bride in Scotland, #1

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The first in a new historical series set in the Highlands of Scotland, from Lynsay Sands, the New York Times bestselling author of the Argeneau vampire series and countless historical romances.

Annabel was about to take the veil to become a nun when her mother suddenly arrives at the Abbey to take her home… so that she can marry the Scottish laird who is betrothed to her runaway sister! She knows nothing about being a wife, nothing about how to run a household, and definitely nothing about the marriage bed!

But from the moment Ross MacKay sets eyes on Annabel, he is taken with his shy sweet bride… and the fact that she's blessed with lush curves only makes him utter his own prayers of thanks. But when an enemy endangers her life, he'll move the Highlands themselves to save her. For though Annabel's not the bride he planned for, she's the only woman he desires…

A great start to a sexy fun series, perfect for when you are in the mood for something light and entertaining.

I am actually reading this series in the wrong order, as I accidentally read The Highlander Takes a Bride (Book 3) first. I enjoyed that book very much, and I enjoyed this first installment almost as much. From what I have read so far, Lynsay Sands knows how to create female characters that are endearing or engaging or that you can connect with. I get annoyed easily by dishwater misses, or whiney females, or spoiled brats... girls just like Annabel's sister, Kate. I also get annoyed by overly naive or innocent girls, so I was very surprised to have liked Annabel so much. To me, that says that Ms. Sands knows how to get in the heads of her readers, particularly those of us that like to envision ourselves as the main character.

And what's not to love about a huge highland maun, complete with sexy brogue? Ross was a bit more kind-hearted than the average highlander we see these days (or as he would say: I am fair, no' kindhearted!). But that did not detract from his appeal in the least.

As far as the plot and action went, the story paced well and there were no dull moments. Humor was interspersed with the action and suspense, to keep the reader engaged and interested. As this is a light fluff read, there are not a lot of factual or historical details about the time period or setting. There is just enough information to let you know you are in the Highlands, without bogging you down with historical details. Don't get me wrong, I love highly detailed and historically accurate books, Outlander is my absolute favorite. But you don't always want that heavy of a read and this series by Lynsay Sands is perfect for that. I have thoroughly enjoyed the series and hope she continues it with some of the secondary characters we have met so far.

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