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New Release and Review: Against the Tide by Nikki Groom

Title: Against the Tide
Author: Nikki Groom
Release Date: April 13, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance


I was happy until I met him.
I was content until I met her.
That's a lie. I was lonely.
That's a lie. I was incomplete.
He was nothing but a handsome distraction.
She was nothing but a pretty pastime.
That's untrue. He changed my life.
That's untrue. She altered my world.
I blame him.
I blame her.
I blame myself. He wasn't to know.
I blame myself. It wasn't her fault.
I don't want to need him.
I hate that I want her.
There's no easy solution.
There's no going back.

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Bambi's Review

Sultry Scale:

Drama, Drama Drama! (to the tune of Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!) 

Let me say it again - Drama. This book was chock full of it. If you enjoy love-hate relationships, hate sex, and roller coaster love stories - this book is for you. It was well-written despite all the ups and downs... but the drama just got to be too much for me. I realized on the way home today that PMS had turned me into a whiney bitchy shrew this week, so I may be under-rating some of the books I have read. So keep that in mind while reading this review.

The main characters of this book are Meghan and Finn (love this name!). I am not sure that their ages were ever mentioned... but I think they were maybe in their early 20s. Finn is a mechanic and Meg is a tattoo assistant and piercer. Both engaged in the gratuitous use of drugs and alcohol, so this made them seem younger to me. 

As for the characters individually, I really liked Finn. He was dealing with a horrible set of circumstances, so I could forgive part of his wanting to escape into a bottle. I was glad he pulled himself together and I loved the person that Finn turned out to be as the book unfolded. I also really liked his group of guy friends that pulled Finn out of his funk. Harley was your boy next door turned law enforcement, and Kyle was the quintessential ladies man that didn't take life seriously. I have a feeling there may be a story building between Harley's twin sister, Loretta, and Kyle. Maybe I am wrong - but that was what I took from their interaction.

As for the female lead, Meghan, I didn't really care for her. She came across as superficial and shallow and immature. The fact that she starts off the book dating a drug dealer, and considers going back to him after what he did to Lizzie, well - that did not ingratiate her to me at all. Damien was a good scumbag villian. He was written to hate, and the author did a good job with his character. I was somewhat confused as to how he found out about Meg and Finn though - I wish that aspect would have been developed a little more.

So I really started to enjoy the book at about the 70% mark when the relationship drama between Finn and Meghan died down. Their coming together was quite sweet from that point forward. I only wish it would've happened a little earlier for my mood. I would recommend this book to those rabid fans of dramatic new adult relationships.

I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Marc calls for more shots right about the same moment I scan the VIP area and my eyes lock on to her. After three weeks of not being around, she’s here. The girl that’s got me all kinds of flustered. Always with that guy who looks like a total wanker with his floppy hair and pretty boy face. Who is she? Why can’t I look away? I’ve been waiting to see her since the last time she was here. I've looked for her. I’ve wanted to feel the electricity that fires off her when she holds my gaze, and every week that she’s not been here, I’ve been disappointed. We haven’t spoken, haven’t even exchanged smiles. There’s just something there. It’s like we seek each other out and I don’t know why. It’s turned in to a habit I like more than the ecstasy I take. “Hey Finny boy, tequila, you in or you going for a piss?” Kyle calls out behind me loading his question with the silent search of my intentions for this evening. I glance back at him, answering mindlessly, “Yeah, man.” When I look back, she’s still there. Looking. Just looking. No smile. No scowl. Just looking at me like there’s something compelling her to do so. The light catches her lip ring and my eyes roam the length of her body like a hungry man that’s been starved for weeks, no, months. She gives off something that makes my hormones run rampant, like an unbalanced teenager. Only I’m fully aware that I’m a grown man and I know exactly what I want to do to her. God, what I would do to her. She’s dressed in a little black dress, and I mean, little. It’s simple, but the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. It hugs her tiny, perfect waist, and only just covers her arse. Her legs, her perfect legs, which, even though she isn’t tall, look just long enough to wrap around my waist … “Here.” Harley nudges my arm and hands me a shot of tequila. I take it mindlessly, all the while still locked on to the enigma on the other side of the room. Then she does something that floors me. She nods, winks, and raises her glass to me across the room. For a second, I’m stunned at the action. We’ve been watching each other for weeks, no words, no actions, just the silent knowledge that we both know we are looking at each other. Now she’s broken the silent pact, what does that mean?  

About the Author

Nikki Groom
Nikki Groom is a hopeless romantic, lover of all things happily ever after and firm believer that love makes the world go around. In her spare time, you will find Nikki laughing with her very treasured family, walking with her beloved dog in the hundred acre wood or curled up in a cosy corner with words and wine. She lives in East Sussex with her husband and two children. Having turned her hand to many things over the years, Nikki is now proud to add ‘author’ to that list. Having always been a dreamer, Nikki’s imagination stretches far and wide, which enables her to get lost in faraway places and imaginary people. Nikki loves to chat, especially about books! You can find her here…
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