Thursday, June 8, 2017

Guest Review by Julie: Slow Burn by Pamela Clare

Series:     Colorado High Country #2
Pub. Date:Sept. 19, 2016
Length:287 pages

As best man and maid of honor, Eric and Victoria will be spending a lot of time together helping with Lexi and Austin's wedding. Victoria's only back for the week, and although Eric has been warned about hitting on her, he's not going to decline if she hits on him. However, the more time they spend with each other, the harder it is to pretend it's just lust and not something more. 

Eric is fire chief, paramedic, and works on the rescue team with his best friend Austin. Eric is protective, laid back, in touch with his feelings-really just all kinds of sexy type of guy. He's drawn to Victoria, but he's not looking for long term. Marriages didn't last too long in his line of work. 

Victoria is a working heiress, but she's also a genuinely nice, generous, and sweet person. Coming off a bad relationship, she doesn't trust her judgement in men, but there's something about Eric she's drawn to. She decides to give in and see what happens..but the last thing she expects is to fall in love.

The attraction between these two started out just as the book title implied..SLOW BURN! Eric and Victoria's chemistry was written so darn well, I found myself flipping pages, dying to see if they'd finally give in. When they do..well, kudos to Clare on writing some sexy, tastefully descriptive love scenes!

I got a kick out of Eric and his antics in Barely Breathing and was thrilled he got his own book! Victoria was a perfect choice and I truly enjoyed reading their story. While Eric wasn't as alpha as some of her previous characters, Clare still delivered a smoking hot romance! There's no suspense involved whatsoever-this book is romance at its best and one I'd happily recommend!