Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ARC Review: Wolf Hunt by Paige Tyler

Series:     SWAT #6
Pub. Date:June 6, 2017
Publisher:Sourcebooks Casa.
Length:352 pages

As I started reading Wolf Hunt, I realized that I missed the last book of the series, Wolf Unleashed. I have enjoyed this series so I think I missed just because I forgot to put it on my calendar. But if you have read the first book and know the story behind the Special Wolf Alpha Team (SWAT), then I think the other books can be read out of order w/o too much heartburn. The long and short of it is that we have a huge and hunky SWAT team full of alpha werewolves out to protect, serve, and steam up your kindle.  Our alphas continue to find The One (their fated mate) at a rate unheard of for their species/race previously. Is this a coincidence, or is something more going on?

Remy Boudreaux has returned to his hometown of New Orleans with teammates in tow to help train the NOPD. They work hard during the day, and party hard at night. But Remy caught a smell his first night back home that he could not ignore, and his nose leads him right to our heroine, Triana Bellamy. Triana is back in town from Houston to visit her mom and girlfriends, but there is a whole lot of lust at first sight happening when Remy Boudreaux walks into the bar. These two have a sweet history involving a doubly unrequited crush from high school so, as a second chance romance, they were able to get hot and heavy really fast without an unbelievable feel of instalove. As a couple they had good chemistry, even though Remy's past made moving the relationship forward difficult.

Unfortunately I had an occupational hazard with this story involving one of the SWAT assignments early on - and it threw me out of the story and made me ranty. I found it difficult to get back into the story after that. I think that if some of the law enforcement aspects were more accurate, then I would not have had the problem. I really tried to ignore it given that we are dealing with werewolves, but it stuck in my head for some reason. I hate when that happens.

I was excited to see that the characters were coming to spend some time in New Orleans. I love a good story set in my city... but I can also be a little picky if its not done right. To do New Orleans right in my mind, it almost needs to become another character in the story. Tyler did an okay job directionally and dropping names for some of the touristy things, but I didn't feel the city come to life. I think if some of the voodoo aspects were more fully developed, that may have helped. Or if our SWAT guys weren't so keen to hang out on Bourbon Street. Most locals won't touch Bourbon with a ten foot pole and, as Remy and Triana both grew up in New Orleans, you would expect him to steer their friends more toward Frenchmen Street or other venues outside of the Quarter.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca.

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