Friday, June 16, 2017

Bambi's going on hiatus (kind of)!

Hey y'all!
We are going on a semi-hiatus through the end of July while Bambi is off getting lost in the sand dunes of Arizona. I'm going to work in the desert for the next month, so think cool thoughts at me so that we don't dry up and overheat while we are there.  It will be quite the adventure for me and the furkids, as I have never been to Arizona! I will still have some pre-scheduled reviews posted, and maybe we will blog about our adventure. Who knows?!? It's going to be really hot, so I'm not sure how much we will be able to explore.

I'm looking forward to seeing some beautiful landscapes...

...but I'm also worried about being there during monsoon season and dust storms!

However, what I am MOST excited about is the road trip at the end. My mom is flying out at the end of my detail, and we are taking a roadtrip from San Diego to Santa Monica, then back east along Route 66! If you follow me on Instagram (@bambi_unbridled), then you will likely see lots of pictures of our kitschy adventure!

Have you taken a roadtrip on the Mother Road (or what's left of it)?  What are your must see attractions along the way?

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