Thursday, June 15, 2017

Guest Review by Julie: Diffraction by Jess Anastasi

Series:     Atrophy #3
Pub. Date:Jan 2, 2017
Length:352 pages

Until now, I hadn't really noticed Kira. I knew she was the ships doctor but she typically stayed in the background. She's smart and quiet, with a deep seated need to help others, regardless of the rules. And Varean has her breaking all sorts of rules. At the start of the story, her connection with Varean felt a like insta-lust but as they progressed, it morphed into deeper feelings neither would admit to, giving a poignancy to their relationship for most of the story. 

Varean was interesting. He's a quiet guy, who has a lot of abilities, but never uses them to free himself. He's thrown his lot in with Kira with mixed results they need to iron out. He has plenty of secrets-whether he knows them or not is another matter-and there's no doubt he has feelings for Kira, but finding out who he really was threw me for a loop! 

Their romance was the humming sound in the background. Unlike Zander and Mae, Kira and Varean didn't have a lot of personal time together. Varean and Kira's romance had a solemn tone, if you will, than the others did, but I think it fit the storyline since Diffraction was a darker book than the first two were. 

Instead of romance driven, Diffraction was plot driven. And man, what a story it told! It felt like the in-between book of the series with all the information it contained. Plenty of suspense, Rian's crew splits up when they have to abandon ship, new allies are introduced, favorite characters gave me a few surprises and tears, and a few twists had me glued until the end. Obviously, I've enjoyed this series since I've read three books in two days!

Reviewed by Julie H. for Bambi Unbridled
Julie is a transplanted military brat that now calls the Midwest home with her own romantic hero, daughter and two furbabies. While she toils the day away in a medical office, she would really rather be reading! Julie loves historical romance, steampunk, romantic suspense, military romance (duh!), paranormal and urban fantasy.  She loves a kickass take-charge heroine, lots of action, and the all-important HEA. Julie can get down with an alpha male, but she does not discount a nerdy hero with a sexy brain.

Julie and Bambi met at the RT Convention where they found themselves standing in many lines, sharing their similar reading interests, and fangirling over attending authors.

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