Friday, January 30, 2015

Review: The Protectors Series by Teresa Gabelman

Overall Series Rating:  3.5 of 5 Stars
Sultry Scale:  3 of 5 Flames



The VC Warriors are an elite group of vampires who protect innocents, whether human or those of their own race. This is a paranormal romance series in the trope of fated mates.  Each alpha male vampire warrior is destined to find his fated true mate, whether she be human, vampire or half-vampire.  While each book of this series follows a different fated pair, the books are not standalone reads.  Each book builds on the previous, and follows the continuing story line of a battle against evil vampires wanting to conquer the human race.  I have enjoyed this series.  The books are quick reads and the have gotten more action-packed as the series progressed.  My favorite warriors to date have been Sid and Slade... but they may be replaced once Sloan's book comes out in 2015.

Fated Pairs in this series:
  1. Damon DeMasters and Nicole Callahan.  Nicole is a social worker helping to place human and vampire children in foster homes.  Nicole and Damon are thrown together when a scheme to traffick vampire children is discovered.
  2. Jared Kincaid and Tessa Pride.  Concerned for her brother and his friends who have been turned into half-vampires, Tessa breaks into the VC Warrior compound to abduct a prisoner who may have answers she seeks.  Jared and Tessa join forces to discover who is behind the kidnapping and turning of humans.
  3. Duncan Roark and Pam Braxton.  Trapped in an abusive relationship with enemy to the VC Warriors, Pam goes into hiding.  As leader of the VC Warriors, Duncan knows he must find Pam before the enemy does.
  4. Sid Sinclair and Lana Fitzpatrick.  Sid is the playboy of the group, loving and leaving women at every opportunity.  That is, until he meets undercover police officer, Lana, who can talk to dead people.
  5. Adam Pride and Angelina.  Adam is the half-vampire brother of Tessa from Book 2.  This book has less relationship development between the fated pair, and focuses more on the trafficking scheme uncovered in earlier books.
  6. Slade Buchanan and Jill Nichols.  The sexual tension between sexy Dr. Slade and half-vamp and only female warrior Jill has been building for the past few books. They fight the attraction in the beginning, but we know that never works with fated mates.
  7. Sloan - coming in 2015