Monday, January 19, 2015

Nola Author Event 2015

This is going to be my first ever Author Event.  All of these authors write romance.  I learned about the event on Goodreads - so thanks to the member from the Vaginal Fantasy* book club who told me about it.  At first glance, the only authors I recognized were J.M. Darhower and Jasinda Wilder.  But once I started going through my TBR list, I realized that I had many of these books on my list already to read.  So, I have pasted below the books that I will try to cram in before the event in a couple weeks.  I am skipping the musician romances - those don't float my boat.  This may be a little challenge for me - I haven't been in the mood lately for modern type romances.  I have been stuck in the paranormal and urban fantasy genre.  So here goes nothing!  (Consequently, these should also be the first reviews that I officially blog.)

And these are the books that I read prior to learning of the event:

If you have any advice as to what one is supposed to "do" at one of these events, shoot me a comment!  I'm chained to my ereader, so I don't really envision myself getting a bunch of dead tree books (DTBs) signed.

*Yes, Vaginal Fantasy the real name.  They do an awesome Google Hangout/Youtube Channel of monthly book discussions.  And apparently, unbeknownst to me prior to joining the group - it's actually a book genre!  Vaginal fantasy books are romances that have a strong female lead.  If you like this type of book, join us on Goodreads:  Vaginal Fantasy Book Club