Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review: Deadly Love Series by Jessica Prince

Destructive Addictive
Destructive and Addictive
(Deadly Love Series)
by Jessica Prince

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Sultry Scale: 3 of 5 flames

Men cause nothing but pain.
I live my life by these five words. For me, they have always proven to be true. Men have only brought hurt and suffering my entire life, leaving nothing but devastation in their wake.
I fear them. I hate them.
Until him.
Gabriel forced his way into my life, ripping down the walls I’ve built around myself. He wants me, and he’ll stop at nothing to have me. I should be terrified of what he makes me feel. So why do I crave him anyway?
I see the red flags and warning signs, but I just can’t help myself. I’m his obsession. I thought he was my salvation. But now I know his love could destroy me.
Marley is the classic tortured heroine - her childhood was stolen from her and she is running from her past.  While I did not relate to her, my heart bled for the atrocities she suffered as a child.  I fell in love with Gabriel, our sexy male lead, who had a bit of a tortured past himself. I reviewed these 2 books together because the Marley-Gabriel relationship spans these books, and Book 3 (TBR 2015) is going to focus on the relationship between secondary characters.

The insta-love between Marley and Gabriel was not believable given her past. However, it didn't overly detract from the story.  And the length of time it took them to become a couple worked with the length of the book. The first book allowed the relationship to develop between our main characters, while the second book was full of action and suspense.  One thing that I did not like, was that Marley was lacking some common sense.  How many times did she get duped by the psycho ex-girlfriend?  Every time!  That was super annoying.    

I liked that the story was told from an alternating POV - although we heard more from Marlena than Gabriel.  While the idea of the book was not original - it had enough fan favorites to make it enjoyable.  A good recipe for these books seems to be the tortured past, dark secrets, crazy ex-girlfriends, and good secondary characters.  This book has all of those. This was my first time reading Jessica Prince, and I will definitely continue with the series.

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