Friday, June 22, 2018

Audiobook Review: Two Nights by Kathy Reichs

Pub. Date:July 11, 2017
Publisher:Random House Audio
Narrators:Colleen Marlo
Kim Mai Guest
Length:9 hrs 5 min
Source:NetGalley / Library

This is another book from my blogger shame pile. I actually started and stopped it a few times before deciding to try it in audio on my drive east not long ago. I have been wanting to try Kathy Reichs for a while as I really enjoy Bones, the television adaptation of the Temperance Brennan series.

Sunday Night is a tortured heroine, former military, former law enforcement, current recluse and part-time private investigator. Sunday suffers from PTSD, slight hallucinations/delusions, and fairly extreme paranoia. Though her paranoia does seem to serve her well in her line of work. Sunday is convinced (somewhat guilted) into taking a case involving a missing girl and bombing, and the investigation will see her traversing the country from Charleston to California to Kentucky. I was not able to connect to Sunday Night - I just couldn't get a bead on her character. She was part film noir, part snark - but those characteristics largely fell flat in the audio version of this book. She also seemed somewhat inept in her role as a private investigator, and I often found myself rolling my eyes or feeling like she was missing the picture completely.

The mystery and suspense was fairly well laid out. I liked the plot line and there were some good twists in there. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get myself interested into the story enough to care. I even fell asleep during one rather important moment once I got to my hotel room, and I wasn't interested enough to rewind and see what happened.  

While this story did not work for me, I still plan to give the Temperance Brennan series a shot. I think I may be able to connect to her quirky character better than this noir snark.

I received an advanced copy of this ebook from the publisher, but I ended up reading an audio version from the library instead.

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