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Audiobook Review: Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Series:Night Huntress #4
Pub. Date:Dec. 22, 2010
Publisher:Blackstone Audio
Narrator:Tavia Gilbert
Length:9 hrs 33 min
Source:Audible Romance

So this year I have not been able to go on a road trip this year without getting a craving for Cat and Bones, so the re-read has continued with Destined for an Early Grave, the fourth book in Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series. 

I remember reading this book for the first time and being thrown for a loop with some of the revelations about Cat's past. It was definitely not something I predicted, and I am happy to report that I am still discovering (or rediscovering) tidbits that I didn't remember from before. A totally unexpected vampire has surfaced to derail Cat and Bones' relationship, and he has some unique dreamwalking powers that are super scary and put Cat in danger. Gregor was an interesting character... I almost wanted to know more about him and his motivations. 

But my main focus in this installment is not really our villain or the danger plot... it was on the secondary character. We get to meet Marie Laveau, the ghoul queen of New Orleans. The first meeting between her and Cat was great, and I really enjoy Marie's character. Tavia Gilbert is an excellent narrator, but I particularly like her affectation for Marie. We will revisit her again in the series, but her first introduction is probably the best.

But even more than Marie... I was engaged by our dear old Vlad, as in The Impaler (a/k/a Dracula). This story was where I first started falling for Vlad. I loved his dry humor and the budding friendship between him and Cat. While we were introduced to him in earlier books, this is where his personality really starts to shine. The snippets that we get of him in this book make me want to rush to the next one right away. Good thing I have another road trip coming soon!

So anyway, back to the plot. Cat and Bones' relationship is in trouble due to outside forces. They have to deal with an arrogant and egotistical master vampire making his claim, but also with other supernaturals who are concerned with Cat's future potential (as in what kind of crazy power is the world's only half-breed going to end up with?). Not only will Cat have to deal with relationship drama, but she also has to face and make some long-term life choices. Some choices will be forced upon her, and others she will choose for herself. It was nail biting, and Cat doesn't always make the right choices... in fact she messes things up more often than she helps. Luckily Bones is very forgiving and he can't stay mad at Cat for too long.

This series is just so awesome - I can't recommend it enough. I highly encourage you to listen to the audiobooks if you get a chance. Tavia Gilbert does an excellent job at bringing each character to life.

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