Tuesday, June 12, 2018

ARC Review: Stand & Deliver by Rhenna Morgan

Series:Men of Haven #4
Pub. Date:June 11, 2018
Publisher:Carina Press
Length:384 pgs

Stand & Deliver is the fourth installment of Rhenna Morgan's steamy Men of Haven series, that features a close-knit group of alpha males who have created their own family, regardless of blood ties. While this story could probably be read as a standalone, I do not recommend it. You will want all the mouthwatering details from the beginning, so start with Jace's story in Rough & Tumble to get the scoop on how this brotherhood started.

Our hero in this story is Beckett Tate, a tall dark and handsome security expert. As this series has progressed, I was never that focused on Beckett. I suppose I am just to focused on Axel. Although I am still calling dibs on our sexy Scot, I definitely discovered Beckett's appeal and probably wouldn't kick him outta bed for eatin' crackers. I was also intrigued by Beckett's sensory processing disorder, which made him extremely tactile. While I hated that he had to deal with a disorder, there were certainly times where he made lemonade from those lemons... or revved up his woman with his need to be hands on. I loved that Beckett was supportive, and respectful... but he also wasn't afraid to take control when the situation called for it. He was just as yummy as the other brothers have been.

Our heroine is not new to the series, but we are getting to know Gia Sinclair in depth for the first time. As a woman operating in the male-dominated security business, Gia feels like she has to prove herself at every turn. She can't let down her guard down or appear soft in any manner... until Beckett comes around and shows her a safe space. I really liked Gia. She was capable, ambitious and determined - all great qualities in a heroine. But I especially liked who she was with Beckett, when she let those walls down and relaxed into her true self. But hoo boy - her family just has to go. Her dad is ridiculously pretentious and horrid. I'm glad she was his complete opposite.

The relationship building in this story was mixed with a little suspense, but nothing over the top. I thought the suspense and romantic elements were mixed well, without one overpowering the other. That gave us time to get to know Gia and Beckett, and see them bond as a couple. But the sabotage to Gia's career helped advance the plot and keep our eyes moving around the page. 

I was reading this as I was on work travel, and I kept getting aggravated that I had to put it down and pick it up days later. So inconvenient - working. Sigh. I think when Axel's book comes out, I'm going to have to take vacation. If I have loved all the heroes so much thus far... I think Axel's gonna knock my socks off!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher, Carina Press.

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