Wednesday, May 30, 2018

ARC Review: Too Wilde to Wed by Eloisa James

Series:Wildes of Lindow Castle #2
Pub. Date:May 29, 2018
Length:384 pages

Too Wilde to Wed is the second installment of Eloisa James' Wildes of Lindow Castle series, featuring the very large and entertaining Wilde family. I have read the earlier book, Wilde in Love, but I think you can get by reading this one as a standalone if absolutely necessary (though you will miss some of the backstory). 

Our hero in this story is Lord Roland Northbridge Wilde (a/k/a North), heir to the dukedom. After being jilted by his fiance and coming to an incorrect assumption, North enlisted in the royal army and went off to fight the Revolutionary War in the Colonies. In the first book, North had turned himself into a ridiculous dandy wearing saffron pantaloons and coats embroidered with cherries, all to gain the attention of a woman. But North has returned from the war and different, and less pretentious man. I really liked him as a hero. He was patient and understanding, and had a touch of vulnerability in dealing with his time in the war. He treated our heroine exceedingly well, but he wasn't the "nice guy that finishes last." North could steam up the sheets and steamroll his way when the situation really warranted it.

Our heroine is Miss Diana Belgrave, formerly a diamond of the first water despite her inauspicious grandparentage. We saw her in Wilde in Love wearing ridiculously tall coiffures and dazzling dresses, but not showing much personality. It was quite a surprise that she would jilt a duke, but we learn that she did so in order to care for a child. Diana was quite altruistic, and she has turned a complete 180 degrees personality-wise. She is now outspoken, messy, and displaying her own coppery red tresses and freckles. Unfortunately, she was not at all prepared for a life of self-sufficiency - she can't do math or make change (among other things). She begins the book deceiving a large number of people without thought to the consequences, but I'm happy to report that it didn't last too long as deception is one of my pet peeves in romance. I was a little disappointed in her reluctance when it came to our hero, and wished she would have come to her senses sooner. But you have to admire a girl who gives up a life of comfort to care for someone less fortunate.

The relationship between North and Diana was just a little hot and cold. They made great friends and I loved how she helped him cope with the tragedies he experienced. I thought they had great chemistry and it was clear they cared for one another... which is why Diana's reluctance bothered me. I definitely did not predict the outcome that finally solidify the relationship.

I continue to like all of the secondary characters. Lady Knowe, the lovable aunt, wasn't as zany in this installment. I feel like she was more of a "character" in the previous book. Based on happenings in this story, I feel like we will see Lavinia as the next heroine, and she promises to be entertaining.

I recommend this story to fans of Eloisa James, second-chance and historical romance. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher, Avon.

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