Friday, May 25, 2018

Audiobook Review: Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon

Series:     Ice Planet Barbarians #3
Pub. Date:April 10, 2018
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrators::Mason Lloyd
Hollie Jackson
Length:5 hrs 47 min

Barbarian Alien is the third book in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, and the series is progressing right along with each book advancing the timeline chronologically. The aliens and humans are settling into the caves and becoming comfortable with one another, and waiting to see who will resonate or get knocked up next.

Our heroine in this installment is Kira, whom you may recall had the big shell translator implanted in her ear by the abducting aliens. Kira is a person who lives in the doldrums, but she keeps her worries to herself and internalizes things. While Kira has not resonated to any of our big blue guys, she is a obsessively worried about what will happen when they find out why she can't resonate. It's enough to make her rebuff the flirtations and interest of our hero, at least until she has to work with him to keep the others safe.

Aehako is a fun and flirty alien, and he goes after Kira with determination. He even makes her a very special courting gift at Liz's recommendation, which had me cracking up. You gotta love the way he threw himself into the act of winning Kira, whether they resonated to one another or not. While all of the aliens have cared for their females, Aehako seems more nurturing than most, which I think Kira really needed. 

This is a shorter read, but the relationship between these two didn't feel like instalove. Aehako really had to work for it, and it took quite a while. I was happy when Kira finally started to accept his overtures and realize that things might work out.

The original abducting aliens coming back to the Ice Planet was a nice addition to this story that added some action and danger, and there were a few clues foreshadowing a future book that I am really looking forward to. I liked that Kira was instrumental in the successful elimination of the threat. I think that helped boost her confidence and realize that she had something to contribute to the tribe.

As I've said previously, these narrators do a good job with the performance of the series. Hollie Jackson portrays both the male and female roles with aplomb, and Mason Lloyd really captures the essence of our aliens.

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