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Audiobook Review: Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Series:     Night Huntress #1
Pub. Date:March 31, 2010
Publisher:Blackstone Audio
Narrator::Tavia Gilbert
Length:11 hrs 17 min

This is my fourth read of the Night Huntress series, and I couldn't believe that I haven't reviewed them on the blog before. Probably because once I get going on this series, I tend to binge the books one after another and get carried away before I manage to put pen to paper for a review. So why am I reading them again this time? Well I was recently recommending the series to a friend and it put the bug in my brain that I was missing me some Cat and Bones... and I just had to get back to my favorite English vampire and his fiery assassin. 

Catherine Kathleen Crawfield (a/k/a Cat) is a half-breed vampire and human who has been raised to think that all vampires are evil demons that need killing. Cat's mother is a real piece of work who has relayed a tragic story to Cat to convince her of this "fact" and has encouraged Cat to go on the hunt since she was a teenager. Even though Cat is now in her early 20s, she is still a somewhat naive girl, which is at odds with her nocturnal activity. But throughout this story (and the series as a whole), Cat becomes a true kickass heroine. She remains one of my favorite romance heroines to this day.

But as much as I like Cat, I adore our hero that much more. Crispin "Bones" Russell is a 200+ year old vampire, originally from England, but "made" in New South Wales. He is funny, possessive, sexy and powerful. He is also one of my favorite romance heroes. Some of the one-liners and teasing that he doles out to our heroine is hilarious, and I just live to hear his "Hallo, Kitten." 

This first book sees Cat and Bones teaming up, and Cat gets an education about vampires that she was sorely lacking. The romance between them unfolds slowly as the book progresses, and things don't get too steamy (yet). Halfway to the Grave really lays the foundation for the series and lets you establish that connection with both Cat and Bones, and start getting to know some of the secondary characters. We learn about vampires along with Cat and see her grow as a person, and start to accept her dual nature.

Even though this is my fourth time reading the book, it was just as good as the first time. I'm moving forward with a binge of the series so stay tuned for more reviews.

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