Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stackin' the Shelves #25 and Update on #RT16 Prep

Welcome back bambinas!
This is Stackin' the Shelves, the weekly feature where I showcase all the books I have accepted for review, one-clicked, won or borrowed from the library.   I'm also still gearing up for the big RT Convention, so I have an update in that regard below!  Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

So I am still prepping for the RT Convention and time is ticking down. So here is a little update about where I'm at.  My Shutterfly book arrived and I am fairly happy with it.  Some of the photos got cut off on the edges, even though I was very careful that they weren't too close to the edge and didn't have any of those <!> warnings.  I have emailed Shutterfly and we'll see if they will discount it a little or something.

I still have not decided on a cart... the plastic crate carts on Amazon don't have great reviews. Everyone says they break really easily.  But I don't know how sturdy the Smart Cart is either. It's making my indecisiveness nerve tick like crazy.

I have been shopping like crazy.  I hit up the Old Navy dress sale (40% off) to grab a few sundresses and tanks.  And I bought a new pair of wedges... I cannot tell you how hard it is to find cute wedges these days!  All the cute ones are incredibly tall and the lower wedges are just not cute at all.  If only I could cut the heel heights in half.


And an update on the books I am taking to be signed... here's what I have going on.  I think this is just about it that I will be taking with me. The rest I will buy there.  I am still waiting to see if certain authors have a preorder list or I may need to grab a couple more from Amazon.