Friday, March 4, 2016

Freebie Friday Review: Beg by C.D. Reiss

by C.D. Reiss
Serial:  Songs of Submission #1
Pub. Date:  Jan. 16, 2013
Free Date:  Jan. 27, 2015
Publisher:  Flip City Media
Pages:  102

My Rating:  
Sultry Scale:

Jonathan Drazen is a known womanizer and a gorgeous piece of man I'm not letting into my heart. Ever. 

Yeah, he's rich, beautiful, charming as hell, and he has a wit as sharp as a double-edged razor... but he's made it perfectly clear that this is a short-term fuck. Three nights, tops, then we part like sexually satisfied grown-ups. 

I believe him when he says he can't love me. I'm not trying to fall in love, either. 

We get in. Get it on. Get the hell out. Done. 



This is a short and quick review for a short and quick first episode of the Songs of Submission serial.

Monica is a struggling musician, having sworn off men to focus on her dreams. Her bandmates include a bassist with a nervous stomach (Henry), a suicidal pianist/keyboard player (Gabby), and her ex-boyfriend on the drums (Darren). Monica finds herself tangled up with bazillionaire Jonathan Drazen, a sexy and dominant corporate mogul. Tensions builds for a bit before we get some hot and steamy smexytime.

C.D. Reiss can certainly craft a story and set a scene. I was able to imagine the songs/lyrics that she described Monica singing and even found a great cover of Under My Skin.


Reiss' characters were real and had depth, even the secondary characters. That is no easy feat to accomplish in only 100 pages. I think that Jonathan is going to be a particularly engaging character - he is broody and vulnerable - and someone I would love to get my hands on and "fix"! So I really have nothing going in the story (so far) that I don't like.

But honestly, story aside, I don't like that it's a serial. There are 9 episodes of this serial at a cost of $2.99 to $3.99 each. That's $30 for one story. I have a hard time paying that for a single story, even if each installment is 100 pages - that's way to expensive even for a book that I really like. When you read as much as I do, it would put me in the poor house to pay $30 per story. If only these were available at the library. Le sigh. Luckily I got the first book for free (on Jan. 29, 2015)... and maybe I can get someone to loan me some of the others because I do want to see where the story is going.

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