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Review: Midnight Bloom by Kristina Canady

Midnight Bloom by Kristina Canady
Series: Lunar Eclipse, Book 1

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Sultry Scale: 1 of 5 flames

Forced to police the border between two worlds in an attempt at redemption, a cold and calculated Etienne has purposely constructed an organized existence that focuses on protecting the ignorant. A "chance" encounter with the outspoken and brazen Sasha Green unveils to him a connection that threatens to thaw his heart. Etienne and Sasha are about to be challenged to look beyond themselves and question everything they believe to be "fact" as their two worlds collide. In this first novel of the Lunar Eclipse series, Sasha learns of the unusual hand that fate has dealt her and finds herself caught up in a battle between her moral compass and her innermost primitive desires. As she evolves into her predetermined role, she must question her fear against myth and weigh the value of the marriage she's committed to against the fulfillment of the path that an unknown force is pushing her to walk. How strong will Sasha be under its force, and will the profound connection between the two ultimately break her? 

This book made me very ranty. Probably the most ranty I have been all year. The pacing was not good... it almost never takes me 4 days to read a book. It felt like it took way longer than that.

I kept waiting and hoping to connect with Sasha, the lead female. But I never did. In fact I hated her for the majority of the book. She annoyed the ever loving snot outta me as you can see from my status updates on Goodreads. Etienne, the male lead, has potential... but there was nothing to make me emotionally invested in him. The world building left a lot to be desired... supernatural things would happen without any explanation as to the whys and hows. Sometimes a "because the universe willed it so" type reason was thrown in. Again, vague sentences that do nothing to get you hooked into the story. I expect more from my paranormal and urban fantasies. The world building needs to be fascinating, and the characters need to be fully developed and engage your interest, empathy, lust or something. Anything! I didn't get any of that here.

And finally, I didn't like the aspect of the story that she had a husband/kids before she learned she was a vampire, so she was going to have to choose between them. It wasn't believable. At the beginning of the story she was saying how her kids were her life... but then at times she is considering walking away from them. I don't have kids, but that didn't even jive with me. Good moms don't walk away from their kids.

This was just an all around disappointing read for me given the abundance of 5 star reviews this book has. I note all the reviews were for ARCs, which now has me doubting reviewers. Statistically speaking, it is not believable that every single person who got an ARC gave a book 5 stars. I try to keep my reviews honest, so I'm not gonna fall in line with the others. Will I keep reading? Yes. I'm gonna try Book 2... but I'm not gonna give it 4 days to impress me. It needs to grab me early and make me want to continue. I'm crossing my fingers.

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