Monday, March 2, 2015

Man Candy Monday! Fighting the Odds by

Hello my lovelies.  I had a hard time choosing my man for this Man Candy Monday.  Not at all because I was procrastinating, I would never ever do that.  But, its not like its hard to find a delectable delight to titillate our fancies... there is a virtual smorgasboard of rippling abs at our fingertips these days.  So who am I offering up on a platter this week, let's take a gander, shall we?

Series:  Rebel Walking #5
Author: Hilary Storm

A tragedy has driven Luke Jacobs to leave behind everything he knows and loves. Rebel Walking is a distant reminder of the pain he can't seem to get past and he's left without any reason to fight to get himself out of the depressed state he's landed in. 

Kimber finds herself hopeless and alone in a relationship full of abuse. She's constantly being controlled by the men in her life and she quit resisting long ago. 

When these two worlds collide, will Luke begin to live again? How will he deal with the pressure from the Walkers to return to Rebel Walking? Can he handle the emotions he's faced with when the numbness begins to wear off?

The cover model for this book is NPC Physique Competitor, Jacob Wilson.  Check him and his very nice tattoos out on Facebook.