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Review: The Dark Prince by Emma V. Leech

The Dark Prince by Emma V. Leech
Series: Les Fees, #1

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The man of your dreams is coming... or is it your nightmares he visits? Laen is Prince of the Dark fae, with a temper and reputation to match his black eyes, and a heart that despises the human race. When he is sent back through the forbidden gates between realms to retrieve an ancient fae artifact, he returns home with far more than he bargained for. 

Océane DeBeauvoir is an artist and bookbinder who has always relied on her lively imagination to get her through an unhappy and uneventful life. A jewelled dagger put on display at a nearby museum hits the headlines with speculation of another race, the fae. But the discovery also inspires Océane to create an extraordinary piece of art. 

Océane's lonely and romantic heart has created the story of The Dark Prince, but it soon becomes apparent that her story cannot be confined to the pages of a book.And it seems that her hero is far from the troubled, romantic figure she had painted, but something far more sinister. 

After reading Amelia Hutchins fae series last month, my book club decided to continue the fae theme with The Dark Prince. Unfortunately, this was one a flop.

Fae books are my favorite trope in the paranormal scheme, so I have read quite a lot of them (just take a gander at my "all things fae" shelf). I like the fae books because generally you can expect a fantastical world, magic, interesting characters, action, adventure and steamy sex. So I was surprised that I found this book rather dull. Its the first time that has happened for me with the fae.

The world building here was almost nonexistent. Given that most of the book was set in Faery, the author could have done much more to make the magical world come alive. The same goes for Oceane and Laen... they may have been great characters if we could have gotten to know them better. I didnt feel like we got much insight on them, their past or their personalities. We seemed to learn more about Corin in this book than anyone else... and I really liked him. He's probably why this didnt get an even lower rating from me. Hopefully his story, which I think is next, can redeem the series for me.

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