Friday, July 13, 2018

Audiobook Review: Divorced Desperate and Delicious by Christie Craig

Series:     Divorced & Desperate #1
Pub. Date:July 11, 2017
Publisher:Dreamscape Media
Narrator:Jennifer Woodward
Length:8 hrs 37 min

I have seen this series floating around for quite a while, and I thought it sounded like fun. I'm not divorced (or married for that matter). I guess the desperate and delicious is up for debate... but I feel like I'm doing a little better than our heroine here. This series focuses on a posse of divorced femmes, seemingly obsessed with sex, and their lack thereof. 

Lacy Maguire is a photographer of pets, and is about as kooky as they come. She dresses up her multitude of animals in costumes and makes calendars. She also seems to photograph electronics and has done some barter work, photos in exchange for talking appliances. This aspect seemed to not match the story, as there are references to phone minutes expiring and cassette tapes. (Seems to belong more in the 90s than 2007, when this book was originally released).  Anyway, I have gotten off topic. Like I said, our heroine is a kook. Sometimes her over-the-top ridiculosity was fun and made me chuckle. Other times, it made me roll my eyes so hard I saw my brain. I honestly can't say whether I liked her character not... but its probably leaning more toward the negative side.

Chase Kelly is a wounded cop on the run, being set up by his partner. When he stumbles into the yard of our desperate divorcee, he has to do some heavy convincing for her to let him stay without her trying to bash him with a talking fish at every turn. Luckily, he thought Lacy was hot and that seemed to sway him from becoming overly exasperated with her antics. Other than forcing his company on Lacy, he is a gentleman the rest of the time, albeit a flirty one. I liked his character alright. He was still grieving for his late wife and was embroiled in a dangerous situation, both of which didn't seem to fit the jocularity of the story.

While the story did make me chuckle a few times... most of the time it was just silly. I can get behind silly much of the time. But in this instance, Lacy just ended up getting on my nerves. She wanted to insert herself into dangerous situations and didn't listen to our hero in the least. She was a total damsel and I don't know how she functioned as an adult on a daily basis. There wasn't any deep relationship building in the story, or anything deep at all. The attraction was based solely on looks and lust and laughs at the expense of both characters. I hope the rest of the series has a tad more depth, or at least some better comedy.

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