Tuesday, July 3, 2018

ARC Review: The Risk of Rogues by Sabrina Jeffries

Series:Sinful Suitors #5.5
Pub. Date:July 2, 2018
Publisher:Pocket Star
Length:95 pgs

Drat, I realized as I went to start this book that I have missed the last couple of releases in the Sinful Suitors series! I don't know how that happened! So now I have some catching up to do, because I have enjoyed the installments that I have read thus far.

The Risk of Rogues is a short story novella, which was a nice diversion and easy to get through as I have been recovering from surgery this week. I think it can be read fine as a standalone, though I do believe there was some character crossover from the past couple of books.

Captain Lord Hartley has returned home from his regiment and is endeavoring to lead the life of a spy. He certainly didn't expect to run into his former flame at his brother's house party, but doing so leads him to form a re-attachment to "the one who got away." But before Hartley can form a permanent attachment, he has to decide if she is still the woman he loves, and would make a good wife for his future endeavors. 

Lady Anne was equally shocked to bump into Hartley, and it causes all kinds of feelings to surface. At 27 years old, Anne is viewed as "on the shelf" and likely to stay that way due to her diminutive dowry. She isn't sure that she can trust Hartley's affections, or whether he will give up (again) when things don't go his way.

I enjoyed watching these two circle each other, and I thought Hartley did a good job with his re-courtship of Anne. The two definitely had chemistry and were well-suited. 

If you have an hour of down time and are looking for some historical entertainment, this book is a good choice. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher, Pocket Star.

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