Tuesday, July 24, 2018

ARC Review: Disorderly Conduct by Tessa Bailey

Series:The Academy #1
Pub. Date:Aug. 29, 2017
Length:354 pgs

I hear people rave about Tessa Bailey all the time, and her steamy dirty-talking heroes. This is my actual first time reading her, and though this story was not for me, I did like her writing style and will be reading her again in the future. I will probably even continue with this series as I think I will like the other lead characters to come.

Charlie Burns is a student at the NYPD Police Academy, and becoming a law enforcement officer and moving up the career ladder is his life. He comes from a long line of New York city cops, and he definitely has big shoes to fill. He approaches the Academy and career prospects like an obsession, and has little time for anything else in his life - especially a relationship. Charlie has always been a No Strings Attached kind of guy, and he has had no trouble finding a long line of women to fill the short-term position. So when he unexpectedly finds a woman that he isn't quite ready to quit - things begin to go awry. Charlie took on the persona of a desperate man, and at times, this seemed forced. Some of his behavior just seemed very extreme for a person who was otherwise nonchalant in his relationships. Charlie did have old unresolved issues, and I felt for him, but it wasn't enough to save his character for me. I usually like the alpha male law enforcement officer types, but Charlie just seemed immature and annoying to me. 😕

Ever Carmichael also has a family legacy... one of mistresses. The theory that you should never give it all to a man, be in and done within 30 days and don't form permanent attachments. Otherwise, your life just might be ruined. Now, I am not one to slut shame. And Ever doesn't date married men. But still... I couldn't get behind this philosophy and had real problem connecting to her character. Granted, Ever does change her attitude and start looking for a meaningful relationship, but it didn't totally redeem her for me. I do have to say that Ever seemed more mature and put together than our hero, and I admired her entrepreneurship. So she did have some admirable qualities. But she seemed to backslide somewhat later in the story and pulled the running heroine routine, which always drives me a little batty.

The relationship between these two was certainly all kinds of steamy, but it was mostly shallow for a good part of the book, followed by periods of desperation. This is just not my story of story. I did like Tessa Bailey's writing, and I am very intrigued by Jack and Greer. So I will continue the series to see how those stories play out.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a gratuitous copy of this book that I received from the publisher, Avon.

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