Monday, April 2, 2018

Audiobook Review: So I Married a Sorcerer by Kerrelyn Sparks

Series:     The Embraced #2
Pub. Date:August 29, 2017
Publisher:Recorded Books
Narrator::Jill Tanner
Length:16 hrs 6 min
Source:NetGalley / OverDrive

This is another book from my blogger shame pile, and it took me so long to get to it because, once I got behind, I really wanted to try this one in audio. So it took a while for me to come off the library wait list. The narrator, Jill Tanner, did a good job with the narration. Her character affectations were varied and it was easy to tell who was talking most of the time. My sole complaint was that her voice sounded fairly old for our young heroine.

This second installment of the Embraced series takes place about a year(ish) after the end of How to Tame a Beast in 10 Days. Luciana has married the Beast of Benwick and they are now King and Queen of Eberon. Luciana is expecting their first child and all her sisters are traveling from the Isle of Moon to see her and assist with the birth. However, as they are en route, their ship is overtaken by both the Tourin military fleet and the infamous pirate, Rupert.

Brigitta is the heroine in this installment, and she has been waiting for her fate to arrive since her last throw of the telling stones months ago. Brigitta grew up thinking she was an orphan, but finds out that she is actually a princess, with questionable family connections in Tourin. Brigitta was a balanced heroine. She was fair, courageous, and determined to right the wrongs of history that her family unfairly dealt. She was a little bit immature and naive - but not annoyingly so. I admired her determination to help our hero, even when it was dangerous for her to do so.

Our hero, Rupert, is a mysterious masked pirate and wind sorcerer. He has been harrying the Tourin fleet and stealing their gold for years in a bid for vengeance against its cruel rulers. As powerful as Rupert is, he is also vulnerable given his tragic childhood and the necessity for him to live most of his life in hiding. My heart went out to the younger Rupert - I can't imagine the terror he felt as a child. I liked that he was willing to listen to our heroine and allow her to participate in his quest for the throne. It solidified their relationship and made them stronger as a couple.

The secondary characters in this story remain stellar. Brody is an absolute favorite and I'm hoping he gets paired with one of our sisters from the Isle of Moon. I liked Rupert's captain and father figure, Stephan, and was glad he had that slot filled in his life after the earlier tragedies. I started out really liking Sister Fallon and her extreme fear of being ravished... but she got to be a little much at times and was an inhibitor at times to Rupert and Brigitta's relationship.

The next installment features a dragon shifter and our elvin sister, Gwennore, and it promises to be entertaining. 

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