Friday, March 30, 2018

Audiobook Review: How to Date Your Dragon by Molly Harper

Series:     Mystic Bayou #1
Pub. Date:Jan. 23, 2018
Publisher:Audible Studios
Narrators:Amanda Ronconi
Jonathan Davis
Length:6 hrs 33 min
Source:Audible Romance

I thought this story was just as cute and fun as all get out, but that is kinda what I expect from Molly Harper. I can't wait for the next books in the Mystic Bayou series to see what the magi are getting up to down in the Lousiana swamp. 

This book is an Audible Original - so the print copy has yet to be released. But I encourage you to listen to the audiobook if you are able. The narrators did a great job... but I really really liked the female narrator Amanda Ronconi. She did a great (and believable) Cajun accent, probably the best I have heard in an audiobook. I wish she had narrated the whole book just to have continuity, but Jonathan Davis didn't do a bad job either.
Jillian Ramsay is a scientist and researcher working for a big organization that studies supernatural communities. In this story, supernaturals are still living under the radar and mostly without humans being aware, except for the League for Interspecies Cooperation. When Jillian's boss gets handsy with a unicorn, she gets stuck taking his place to conduct an anthropological and societal study down in the swamp known as Mystic Bay. Jillian's introduction to Southern Louisiana was about like my own, and I totally empathized with her drive into the muggy humidity, weird smells and large bugs. (Is it weird that now I miss it a little bit?) As this is Jillian's first assignment, she takes on everything with a wide-eyed wonder that was somewhat contagious. I liked her immensely. 

But Bael Boone, sheriff and dragon shifter, doesn't like unknown quantities in his small town. There are things happening that they want to keep off the radar of the League and the populous as a whole, and he just knows that Jillian is trouble with a capital T. But Bael also couldn't deny his immediate attraction to the frazzled blonde, and something about her gets him blowing smoke rings at every turn. He was a great growly and grumpy dragon hero, and I loved him.

This story is on the shorter side, I imagine it will be around novella length when the print version comes out. But I felt like the plot packed a punch for the length that we got. Not only do we get Jillian's introduction to society, the emerging and building of romance, but also we get a suspense plot when people around Mystic Bayou start turning up dead. The story moved along at a nice clip and kept me captivated the entire time. There are a couple twists in there that made things interesting as well.  I hope we get additional books in this series soon.

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