Friday, April 20, 2018

Audiobook Review: Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon

Series:     Ice Planet Barbarians #2
Pub. Date:March 20, 2018
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrators:Hollie Jackson
Mason Lloyd
Length:6 hrs 27 min

I just love these big blue freaky barbarians. The audiobooks simply can't come out fast enough for me, and its been really hard not to binge through the print copies on Kindle Unlimited. But the narrators do a good job with the story and they keep me entertained as I drive and clean the house, so I'm committed to waiting on the audio versions.

Raahosh is the biggest and scariest alien on the Ice Planet, having lost one of his horns and bearing multiple scars. While life on the Ice Planet is hard enough, Rahash had a harder childhood than most of his comrades. These days he spends most of his time hunting in solitude, providing for his clan, but with little companionship. So when our blue guys find a spaceship full of stranded human (captive) girls and learn that they can mate, he takes matters into his own hands and carries off his female to a private cave to fill her with a little blue baby. Despite his imposing appearance, I though Rahash was sweet and wish that our heroine would have warmed to him a little sooner.

Liz is our heroine in this installment, and she is a snarky little thing who was not afraid to speak her mind. In reality, she rarely shut up. She had a bit of a chip on her shoulder... but she had just been kidnapped by aliens so I tried to forgive her that. I didn't like the mixed signals that she sent to Rahash int he beginning, no really meant yes when she said it. I was worried that this was going to set us up for disaster later in the book. But once she accepted the khui and mating, these two were good together. I also liked that Liz was self-sufficient and capable of hunting, making weapons, and general survival. 

So this series is just a bit of ridiculous steamy fun. I love the world building and the aliens (and their ridges). I often find myself laughing out loud at some of the ridiculous aspects, and I now know I can count on this series to keep me entertained with each installment.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this audiobook that I received from Tantor Audio.

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