Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kindle Unlimited Review: Touched by Amy Stearman

Pub. Date:Sept. 29, 2016
Length:244 pages
Source:Kindle Unlimited

This is my second read from Amy Stearman, and this one was quite a bit different from the first (Altered). For some reason I thought Touched was the second book in the Altered series... but I was totally wrong. Touched is a standalone contemporary romantic suspense with a minor supernatural element.

Carrie Walters has just relocated back to her hometown of Evergreen after a painful divorce from her hot shot attorney husband in Denver. Deciding to go back to her roots, she has opened up a little shop in the middle of small-town Colorado. I liked Carrie's eclectic little store filled with all kinds of unique and feel-good treasures. Carrie has the gift of psychometry, so she is able to tell the history of items through touch. As a result of her gift, Carrie is able to carefully select each item for her store and she only stocks those that have a happy history. 

Lucas Anderson is the town sheriff, and was Carrie's high school sweetheart until things ended abruptly when he left for college. Lucas was a solid hero for the most part. I would say he was typical of a small town sheriff, protective yet skeptical. After all these years, Lucas is still single and, now that Carrie is back in town, he can't seem to stay away from her. But while his heart may feel the attraction, his head is causing doubts due to Carrie's sometimes odd behavior. I can't blame Lucas from being skeptical as the setting is devoid of other supernatural elements so its not something you expect everyone to believe in, but he definitely didn't stop to consider the consequences that would result from his methods to uncover the truth.

This is a second chance romance, which I sometimes shy away from due to the drama content. In this story, after her failed marriage, Carrie wasn't expecting a romantic entanglement... but the chemistry between her and Lucas starts to pull fairly quickly, Unfortunately and much to my surprise (and annoyance), Carrie was able to resist the pull and turned into one of those runaway heroines a time or two. So I wasn't crazy about the ups and downs in the relationship - but I think some of that had to do with my mood as I was reading. I liked Lucas and wanted things to work out... so I would have liked to see more time spent building the relationship than manufacturing drama.

Although predictable, the suspense plot was interesting and I wish it would have been flushed out more. I liked the few glimpses we got into the antagonist's head, and I think more danger and dark aspects could have been added into the plot to get the reader's adrenaline going. But overall, this was a nice quick read that I think will satisfy contemporary romance fans.

This book was available via Kindle Unlimited as of the date of this review.