Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall Into Romance Giveaway Blog Hop

What books made me fall in love with the genre, 
or keep me smitten and coming back for more?

My first foray into Romance

My first foray into romance as a teenager included stealing the trashy bodice rippers off my mom's nightstand. I was an avid reader and, up until that time, I mostly stuck to thrillers by R.L. Stine and Stephen King. However, I will always recall the summer that I hefted mom's copies of Gone With the Wind and Scarlett. I say hefted because I bet each book weighed about 10lbs - they were HUGE. They were definitely the longest books that I had ever attempted to read... and let me tell you that I finished both of them in one weekend. I was so engrossed that I just couldn't make myself put the books down even when my arms were dead tired from holding up the massive weight. These are the only two books that I actually have a vivid memory of reading to this day.

What keeps me coming back?

Well, this is just a random sampling of my favorites list on Goodreads. I strayed from romance for a while and didn't really pick it back up until I finished law school in 2009. I started out easy with familiar genres of chick lit, historical romance and the uber-emotional stories by Nicholas Sparks. But after joining an online book club with a fun and eclectic group of ladies... my eyes were really opened to the multitude of romance subgenres. They introduced me to urban fantasy and paranormal romance, which led me to find my now favorite subgenre - fantasy romance. As long as the authors keep writing, I will keep coming back and living my life vicariously through their characters.

How about you?

I would love to hear from you... and I'm always looking for recommendations.  So what book(s) first got you hooked on romance - and what books keep you coming back for more?


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