Saturday, October 1, 2016

Audiobook Review: Undead and Unforgiven by MaryJanice Davidson

Series:     Undead #14
Pub. Date:Oct 6, 2015
Publisher:Recorded Books
NarratorsNancy Wu
Length:9 hrs 4 min

Undead and Unforgiven picks up right where Undead and Unwary left off, with the Hell committee (Mark, Tina, Kathy, the Ant, and Father Marcus) helping Betsy whip Hell right into shape. The new buddy system is working just fine, and Betsy is on a crash course to learn the job from the bottom up. Starting with welcoming the newly dead to their eternity.

I was super proud of Queen Betsy in this installment. She has taken taken over the responsibilities of the ever-irksome Anti-Christ (a/k/a her half-sister, Laura) and has made eternal damnation into one long hellacious shopping trip. You know the one - where nothing fits and the shoes are never in the right size? She is also handling personal crises with a little more aplomb, and doesn't totally pitch a fit when things get shaken up with Jessica, Dad Dick and their weird offspring. Oh, and did I mention that the ever-annoying Anti-Christ has decided to out vampires to the world just to show everyone that she is good and that Betsy is the big bad? Can you imagine? Betsy is about as big and bad as a shoe sale at Neiman Marcus. Can you tell that I really hate Laura? She is a big whiny bigot in my eyes. I really just want Betsy to knock the crap out of her... and dear ol' dad too. They both treat Betsy like a sub-par creature just because she had the misfortune of being made a vampire... and being the prophesied vampire queen who can walk in the light and take over the world and all that jazz. Show some family pride, people!

Betsy's husband and vampire king, Sinclair, is still living in the light and loving it. He has a penchant for wanting to make love outdoors (even in the Minnesota winter), and he has started attending the church that his grandfather built back in the day. I love Sinclair. He loves Betsy to pieces, but he can't quite overcome his bad habit of wanting to take things over. So Sinclair has been a little pouty that Betsy has refused to take him to Hell!

This installment definitely saw Betsy juggling quite a big of drama... both in the real world and in the netherworld (though Hell is not really "down" as they are fond of pointing out). The secondary characters played a strong role in all aspects of this book... and I think we are going to have a new cast member to play a love interest for Mark. Yay! 

The story ends on a little bit of a cliffhanger... but that's okay with me because I got the ARC of Undead and Done burning a hole in my Kindle. (Thanks Berkley!) I am a little sad and hesitant to start the next book because I have a feeling its the last. But I am excited to see where Betsy takes the vamps into the future. 

As always, the narrator, Nancy Wu, did a fabulous job with the performance of the audiobook.