Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ARC Review: My Seductive Highlander by Maeve Greyson

Series:     Highland Hearts #4
Pub. Date:Oct. 11, 2016
Length:240 pages

The Highland Hearts series is wrapped up with this final installment featuring the youngest Sinclair sister in modern-day Edinburgh, and a cursed dragon turned ladies man exiled from his time. This has been a fun light-hearted time travel series, and I have enjoyed joining this quirky family on their journey across time.

We first met Graham MacTavish in his beastly form in My Tempting Highlander, where he had been cursed into the form of a dragon to serve as protector across time for Ronan Sutherland. In the third installment of the series, Mairi Sinclair freed Ronan and Graham from their curse, and Graham took up residence at the MacKenna keep. Having lived the last 300 years as a lonely dragon. Graham has been making up for lost time and swiving any female that crosses his path. When he engages in a threesome with the Buchanan laird's wife and mistress inside the Buchanan keep, Grayson MacKenna has no choice but to exile him from Scotland. Luckily for Graham, Mother Sinclair and Trulie believe he is the perfect protector for their headstrong youngest sister, Lilia. I was super excited for Graham's story because... I LOVE DRAGONS! Between Graham's past and his playboy demeanor, I thought for sure that Graham was going to be an awesome hero. Despite his past womanizing behavior, Graham does feel contrite and embarrassed about his behavior, especially because he has caused trouble for the MacKenna clan who took him in after the curse was broken. He didn't quite know what he was in for when he was sent to the 21st Century, and I enjoyed his introduction to all things futuristic. I thought he handled our headstrong heroine well, even when she was being a total brat.

Lilia Sinclair is the sole remaining Sinclair time jumper in modern-day Edinburgh. She is trying to keep her business afloat after trusting the wrong business partner and, as an empath, she is trying not to drown in the emotions of everyone around her. While all of this requires a bit of maturity, Lilia was sorely lacking in this front. Unfortunately Lilia was my least favorite heroine of this series. She had a tendency to fly off the handle and do immature and dishonorable things... like attacking people from behind. I pretty much lost any hope at connecting with her character when she beaned Graham from behind with her sword. If she did not have this bad trait, she would have been a passable heroine. I would have liked to see her character developed more. With her fragile emotional state and the business drama she experienced, I felt like there was a lot of meat there that could have been explored, and may have helped me establish a connection to her character. I did like that, despite her fragile emotional state, she wasn't a dishwater miss. She was somewhat of a tough chick, a sword fighting champion in her LARPer activities. I also totally loved her horse, Odin and his wee little protector.

The romance between these two would fall into the fated mates trope I think... souls who have found their way to each other through time. I liked the romantic aspect of that, and I can't deny that they had chemistry. So the romance aspects of the story were done fairly well, though some of Graham's flowery speech felt forced. I enjoyed all the action in the side plot, both the comedic aspects in the 21st Century and the dangerous aspects in the 13th Century. Vivienne was a hoot, and her zany behavior balanced out Lilia's glum attitude. I felt like she made up for Mother Sinclair not having as big a role in this story. The epilogue was a perfect end to this series... it was bittersweet and elicited a bit of emotion from the story.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher, Loveswept.

Highland Hearts

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