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Review: Rules of Seduction by Joya Ryan

Rules of Seduction 
by Joya Ryan
Series:  Serve #7
Pub. Date:  June 9, 2015
Publisher:  Entangled Brazen
Pages:  142
Format:  eARC
Source:  Publisher / Netgalley

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He'll be the dream and the dirty fantasy...

Through with both her controlling ex and relationships, Ava Webber is determined to explore the spicy and sometimes forbidden appetites of the exclusive BDSM nightclub, Serve. Here, she'll get exactly what she long as it's from a man she doesn't know.

Nolan Hart ensures that Serve's clients get what they want, how they want it. But with one look at the curvy brunette, Nolan knows he’s the man to fulfill her desires. As the anonymous lover, he's Ava’s dirtiest fantasy. Outside of Serve, he's her charming, smartass friend. 

But Nolan wants more. More than Ava is willing to give. And as long as the blindfold stays on, she'll never discover that the two men she's falling for are one and the same... 

This was a super quick steamy story, perfect material for bedtime reading. I didn't realize it was book 7 in a series - and this seems to be a common theme with me over the last month. I really need to pay better attention when I'm signing up to review stuff, but sometimes a cover or blurb just sucks me in and I've hit that "request" button before I even blinked. (sigh) From some of the other reviews, I see that there was not much character crossover, but it still bothers me. There was at least some, and I found myself wondering who people were or what their story was in relation to Serve.

Anywho, our abso-yummy main male character is Nolan Hart, who is the manager of an exclusive sex club called Serve. I really expected Nolan to be all alpha male and dominant, but he is more of a sweetheart when it comes to Ava, the female lead. Ava is somewhat broken by a controlling ex-husband and she is looking for some NSA anonymous sex because she is afraid of being controlled again. It was kinda weird she would go to a BDSM club for that, but whatev. I was expecting a BDSM romance going into this book, but it turned into a sweet sappy love story. I actually didn't mind it though as I liked both characters for the most part, and the sex scenes were pretty steamy. Ava got on my nerves a bit with her hemming and hawing over Nolan, but the story was short enough that it didn't have time to work into full-blown aggravation.

Pick this one up if you are waiting for the hubby to come to bed... or maybe read some scenes aloud and see if his attention stays on the football game. 

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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