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Review: An Oath Taken by Diana Cosby

An Oath Taken
by Diana Cosby
Series:  The Oath Trilogy #1
Pub. Date:  Dec. 8, 2014
Publisher:  Kensington
Pages:  275
Format:  eBook
Source:  Purchased

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A man of honor. 

A woman of spirit.

As the new castellan, Sir Nicholas Beringar has the daunting task of rebuilding Ravenmoor Castle on the Scottish border and gaining the trust of the locals—one of whom wastes no time in trying to rob him. Instead of punishing the boy, Nicholas decides to make him his squire. Little does he know the thieving young lad is really…a lady.

Lady Elizabet Armstrong had donned a disguise in an attempt to free her brother from Ravenmoor’s dungeons. Although intimidated by the confident Englishman with his well-honed muscles and beguiling eyes, she cannot refuse his offer.

Nicholas senses that his new squire is not what he seems. His gentle attempts to break through the boy’s defenses leave Elizabet powerless to stem the desire that engulfs her. And when the truth is exposed, she’ll have to trust in Nicholas’s honor to help her people—and to surrender to his touch…

I feel like I have a reading slump coming on because I just could not connect to this story - I felt annoyed most of the time I was reading it. I can't even explain why, other than I am not big on books where the heroine is deceiving the hero. It just doesn't sit right with me. So why did I read this one after reading the blurb? Well, I want to read the second book in he series and I am a little OCD about reading a series in order. Don't get me wrong - there was nothing wrong with the writing and the plot was decent - I just think I was reading it at the wrong time and in the wrong mood.

Sir Nicholas was a compassionate, patient and honorable hero. He believes Elizabet to be a poor lad, forced to steal by the circumstances of the time, and decides to take him under wing as his squire. His reaction to the many misconceptions that he had about Elizabet (posing as Thomas) over the course of the story underlined his compassionate nature, but also served to make me feel really bad that he was being deceived. He was just an all-around good guy hero that dealt with all he encountered in a fair and understanding manner.

Elizabet certainly had courage and determination, which I admired. However, other than that, she drove me a bit batty. Her behavior was somewhat erratic and didn't make a lot of sense or seem to further her goals. Of course there was also the fact of her deception, even after she realizes that Nicholas is a fair man. She had so many opportunities to reveal the truth to him, and I would have respected her more if she had. Not to mention that due to her actions, Nicholas believes he is starting to have romantic feelings for his squire, which is troubling to his conscience unnecessarily.

It wasn't bad for a quick read - I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was in a better mood. But based on the other reviews, I am attributing the fault to me instead of the writing. 

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