Friday, June 5, 2015

Review: Fracture by Amanda K. Byrne

by Amanda K. Byrne
Pub Date:  April 21, 2015
Publisher:  Radiodemon
Pages:  240
Format:  eARC
Source:  Netgalley

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Every nightmare has an end.

There’s no way Nora can ignore the beating. Same heavy boots. Same curses, same pained groans. But that was two years ago, and this a different man, a different part of war-ravaged Sarajevo. This is her second chance. She has to try. 

And then she’s stuck with him, nursing him, putting up with him. Declan’s an ass. He’s rude and tactless. He’s arrogant. Dismissive. Charming. Intense. Caring when she needs it most – and least expects it. He tears away the numbing fog that’s been her constant companion and offers her a way out and a way home.  

And it damn near destroys her.  Nora’s survived two years in a war zone. Can Declan show her how to live?

So I was a bit confused when I started reading this book.  I think it is supposed to be taking place during the Siege at Sarajevo, but the first page says we are in present day Sarajevo.  I thought that siege happened like 20 years ago.  So I'm not sure if this is a reprint, or it is supposed to be a fictional siege or what.  I just went with it.  For the setting being in the midst of a war zone, I didn't feel like the author did a good enough job with the world building.  I never really felt the terror or strife that must have been inflicted on the people of Sarajevo.  The story did not engender that feeling of desperation that must have been an aspect of daily life for the time and area.

The character and plot development also were lacking for me.  I was never able to form a connection with Nora or Declan.  The closest I came was when Nora was having a panic attack, but even those seemed to be missing something to make me feel the panic.  I didn't feel any chemistry between the couple, even after they got out of Sarajevo.  And that undertaking, by the way, was entirely anti-climactic.  Once they left, the story was even less appealing as you didn't have that minor bit of action thrown in.

So in sum, this book did not do it for me.  The romance felt forced and lacked chemistry.  There was also too much purple prose, so I found myself rolling my eyes or not confused as to the premise the author was trying to convey.  I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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