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Review: Fate Undone by Linsey Hall

Fate Undone 
Series:  Mythean Arcana #5
Pub Date:  May 28, 2015
Publisher:  Bonnie Doon Press
Pages:  270
Format:  eARC
Source:  Netgalley


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A god in disguise
No one in the Prison for Magical Deviants knows that prisoner Logan Laufeyson has secret identity. He is the ancient trickster god Loki, in magical disguise on a mission of his own. A mission that will come to a sudden and disastrous end… 

The woman he's never forgotten  
Demi-goddess Sylvi has spent eight hundred years trying to forget her long-ago affair with Loki, which destroyed her dreams and got her banished from her home. When Loki escapes from prison and stumbles through her door with a problem that threatens both their lives, she must set aside her anger while trying to resist a passion she’s never forgotten. The fact that her magic can be enhanced by sex makes ignoring Loki even harder—especially when they must utilize her rare talent.  

A threat of ultimate evil 
Thrown together, Loki and Sylvi must foil a masterful plot that threatens not only their lives, but every god in existence. It will take all of their power, and all of their long-buried love, to face the ultimate danger - or vanish and be forgotten forever… 

This is the fifth installment of the Mythean Arcana series, yet I didn't realize this when I requested to review this book through Netgalley. My OCD will usually not let me start a series in the middle, I have to read all the preceding installments. I tried to do that here, but I didn't have time to add 4 books to my schedule this month. So to compromise, I read Braving Fate so I would get an introduction to the world and characters. It seems to have worked out okay. I was not lost, and had met at least some of the characters before.

This is the story of Trickster God Loki (now Logan) and demi-goddess Sygin (now Sylvi). Sylvi is the daughter of Freya and magic, and starts her life as a slave to the gods hoping to win their favor so she can be promoted to full godhood. Sylvi hates groveling to the arrogant gods and admires Loki for the way he stands up to them. As both outsiders, Sylvi and Loki are kindred spirits and fall in love. Then fate happens and they are torn apart after they have been banished from Asgard to Midgard (Earth). The majority of the story takes place 800 years later (with flashbacks to their time in Asgard). Loki and Sygin have been separated this whole time and have not seen one another, and Sygin has never forgiven Loki for the hurt he caused her 800 years ago. Loki must get Sygin to trust him again so they can work together to stop a plot to imprison all gods, themselves included.

I didn't know much about Loki, other than what I have watched in the Thor movies where Loki is Thor's nemesis and bad guy. Ms. Hall's Loki is nothing like that Loki - he represents the oppressed, stands up for the little guy, and acts as a balance to the gods. He is also very caring and does what he thinks is best for other people, even when his view of what's right doesn't line up with theirs. Sygin is a bit of a lost soul, she has always felt like an outsider and she was devastated by Loki's rejection and her banishment from Asgard. Unfortunately, she does not know how to forgive and nurtures those hurts like a best friend. So while I liked Slyvi, she did get on my nerves quite a bit by pushing Loki away when he was trying to win her back, even after she learned the real reason he pushed her away 800 years ago.

Other than that, this story moved along at a nice pace, had a good storyline and some steamy sex. Having just read Braving Fate, Ms. Hall's debut novel, I can tell that she has improved along with the series. The writing was much more smooth and I connected with the characters better in this fifth installment. Now I shall have to go back and catch up on the series before the next book comes out! 

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