Friday, February 16, 2018

Audiobook Review: Marrying Winterborne by Lisa Kleypas

Series:     Ravenels #2
Pub Date:May 31, 2016
Narrator:Mary Jane Wells
Length:10 hrs 59 min

I can't believe it's taken me so long to get to the second book in the Ravenel's series, especially when I loved Reese Winterborne so much in Cold-Hearted Rake. I do recommend that you read these books in order as Helen and Reese's story really begins in the first book.

Helen Ravenel is an oddity in her family, the meek and genteel sister in a family of outspoken and wild siblings. In Marrying Winterborne, we see Helen come out of her shell and go after what she wants most in the world - freedom and Reese Winterborne. I was so proud of Helen for the courage and tenacity she displayed and truly went after what she wanted. I was even more impressed when she discovered a horrible secret and she was inclined to put her integrity and the well-being of others before her own happiness. 

Reese Winterborne is a coarse Welshman, and a self-made man who lifted himself from a grocer's son to a filthy rich businessman with the largest department store anyone has ever seen. Pride seems very important to Reese, and when his pride was hurt in Cold-Hearted Rake, Reese struck out in anger and insulted Helen's family. Not that I could blame Reese, I really didn't like Kathleen and the way she butted into everyone's business. So Reese wasn't really expecting Helen to come back to his life in any good way, and he was shocked (but very appreciative) when she did. I really really liked Reese. I liked his coarse ways and take no prisoners attitude. 

One of the better things about this novel was the structure. Having Reese and Helen come together very early on was a nice change of pace from other historicals where we follow the courtship for the majority of the book. I always like digging into the meat of the relationship and seeing how our couple will interact once the match has been solidified. So I enjoyed all of the relationship building, the drama and even the secrets that occurred to test our couple's love and loyalty for one another.

The narrator for this story, Mary Jane Wells, was excellent. Her portrayal of Reese's character and accent was captivating. I was thoroughly impressed by her ability to create different sounds, accents and mannerisms for each of our characters. She was very talented and I highly recommend listening to this book in audio if you are able.

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