Monday, February 12, 2018

Audiobook Review: Dirty Scoundrel by Jessica Clare

Series:     Roughneck Billionaires #2
Pub Date:Nov. 21, 2017
Publisher:Berkley Intermix
Tantor Audio
Narrator:Rudy Sanda
Chandra Skyye
Length:222 pages
9 hrs 15 min
Source:NetGalley / Hoopla

This is another book from my blogger shame pile. This one appears to have fallen through the cracks in the midst of my move. I remembered enjoying the first book of this series, Dirty Money, so I wanted to make sure that I read this one. If you haven't read the first book, you will want to know the the Price Brothers are small town Texas roughnecks. They grew up dirt poor in a trailer, then got lucky and it it big in the oil business.  That's how we now have four roughneck billionaires who haven't been so keen to move out of the trailer park.

Our second roughneck is Clay Price, the nurturing Price brother. Clay is usually the one taking care of people and making them laugh, but he has been down lately. Watching Boone and Ivy get ready for the delivery of their first child, Clay feels like something is missing in his life. He has started thinking about his high school sweetheart, the one that got away and stomped his heart in the process. And when the death of a friend makes him realize just how short life is, Clay decides to follow in Boone's footsteps and throw some money around to get what he wants. I liked Clay for the most part, but I wish there would have been more character development. I don't feel like we got to know him very well. I wanted to know more about his back story and current interests. Otherwise, he is a just a good ol' country boy, and seems to be more nice guy than roughneck.

Natalie Weston lead somewhat of a charmed life growing up as the daughter of a movie star. While she wasn't popular at school, she had a loving father and large family home. She also had a sweet relationship with Clay and didn't need anyone else. But when Natalie's father became overprotective and instigated a big misunderstanding between the couple, Natalie refuses to communicate with Clay and drives him away. Fast forward seven years and Natalie is broke and taking care of an ailing father, and totally unprepared for Clay Price to walk back into her life. Natalie was an okay heroine, but I wished she had better communication skills.

This story is a take on Indecent Proposal, but our nice guy roughneck couldn't quite maintain the scoundrel attitude. These two were driven apart by a misunderstanding and seven years wasn't enough to kill the feelings they felt for one another. However maturity has not quite come with age, and these two still aren't communicating like adults. There were a few times when I wanted to yell at them. But I did like how Clay took care of Natalie, even in the beginning he couldn't help but go beyond what was promised as part of his proposal when it came to taking care of Natalie.

I have a feeling the next book is going to involve Natalie's friend, Lexi, who was the complete opposite of a ray of sunshine. I am looking forward to that.

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher, and I switched back and forth from the print book to an audio copy that I picked up from the library. Chandra Skyye is a good narrator and I enjoyed her performance. However, the male narrator sort of killed this story for me. He made Clay sound like Forrest Gump and Natalie like Ellie Mae Clampett. As a southern girl, I hate when people get the southern accent wrong, especially when they make the character sound like redneck rubes. So you may want to stick to print if you have the same pet peeve.

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