Wednesday, February 28, 2018

ARC Review: Marriage of Inconvenience by Penny Reid

Series:     Knitting in the City #7
Pub. Date:March 6, 2018
Length:506 pgs

Marriage of Inconvenience is the seventh book in Penny Reid's fun and quirky Knitting in the City series featuring a group of intelligent and slightly crazy woman who like to knit, imbibe in libations, and have panty dance parties. The series really makes you realize the importance of friendships among women, and makes me nostalgic for my former girl posses as I have moved around the country.

Kathleen "Kat" Tanner is a billionaire heiress in hiding from her cruel and crazy family. Working as an administrative assistant and living in a tiny apartment is definitely not what you expect of a young woman who stands to inherit boatloads of money and become head of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. But Kat's childhood proves that money doesn't buy happiness, and she went through her own periods of strife and survival. Now Kat lives a life that is rigidly controlled to the point that she is almost unemotional and presenting a mask to the world. I thought Penny did a great job with Kat's character. There was definitely the chance that between her money and future prospects, Kat could have become the stereotypical "poor little rich girl" - but she didn't. The character development and back story on her character humanized Kat and made me sympathize with her. She was a good heroine.

Dan (the Security Man) O'Malley may be my favorite hero of the KiTC series. Dan is a reformed bad boy. He did some bad things growing up, joined a gang, went to prison, and now is a partner with Quinn in their very successful security firm. One thing that is definitely not reformed about Dan is his absolutely filthy potty mouth, which I thought was hilarious and endearing. Overall, Dan's character was very "real" to me. I had a great image of him in my head, could hear his foul-mouthed tirades, and would totally just eat him up with a spoon. 

So if you have been reading this series (which I highly encourage before you embark on this last book), you will know that the phermones have been flowing between Kat and Dan for quite a while. Some misunderstandings prevented them from getting together, and I was so happy to see them resolve the roadblocks, so to speak. I loved how protective Dan was of Kat, especially when he interceded with her family and told them how things were going to be. His understanding of Kat's past and issues was outstanding and he was so patient with her. It made my heart melty.

I thought Penny handled the mental illness aspect of this story with tact and understanding, and I liked that our heroine spoke out against the perceptions of schizophrenia. I also liked the subtle and overt digs at Big Pharma. They didn't overpower the story, but did highlight some disturbing information without over-politicizing it. The only thing that I really missed with this story was the wrap up. I was hoping to see more of the take down of Tiny Satan... and what the heck happened to Seamus? But overall, this was another stellar offering from Penny Reid.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the author.

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