Thursday, May 25, 2017

Guest Review by Julie: Power Game by Christine Feehan

Series:     GhostWalkers #13
Pub. Date:Jan. 24, 2017
Length:464 pages

Ezekiel Fortunes is a skilled doctor, has the mad skills of a hunter, telepathic, and he's extremely loyal to the select few who've earned it. So he sounds like a total bad ass, yet he only adds to his credentials with his behavior towards Pepper and Wyatt's triplets. (see Spider Game for the backstory, but in short, the triplets were an experiment gone wrong and they produce venom in their systems that kill). He's a total marshmallow and thought nobody knew about his jaunts out with the girls, singing and telling stories..swoon worthy moment, lol! With babies on the brain, Ezekiel becomes aware of how empty his life is beyond the team and his siblings. He's a protector, but wants someone who is independent and not afraid to lean on him, and vice versa, when needed; a tall order that's hard to fill. 

Bellisia was actually pretty cool. Her enhancements, with an octopus of all things, wasn't as creepy as I expected. Among other surprises, she's like Spider-Man climbing up and down walls, but essentially, she's had the same training as the other Ghostwalkers and is capable of carrying her weight with relative ease, making her a perfect match for Ezekiel. And when these two finally get together...sigh...

I've ben itching to get my hands on this book since the summary released, but I was leery after the last two books in the series (Spider Game and Viper Game) fell short in the romance department. I had high hopes for Ezekiel to get his HEA and I wasn't the least bit disappointed! Power Game has a tight plot, well paced action/suspense, a solid romance I couldn't help but fall for, and the ending..yep, I was all over that one! This is book 13 in the GhostWalker series and could possibly be read as a stand alone, however, I recommend at least reading Spider Game and Viper Game to be able to fully appreciate the story.

Reviewed by Julie H. for Bambi Unbridled
Julie is a transplanted military brat that now calls the Midwest home with her own romantic hero, daughter and two furbabies. While she toils the day away in a medical office, she would really rather be reading! Julie loves historical romance, steampunk, romantic suspense, military romance (duh!), paranormal and urban fantasy.  She loves a kickass take-charge heroine, lots of action, and the all-important HEA. Julie can get down with an alpha male, but she does not discount a nerdy hero with a sexy brain.

Julie and Bambi met at the RT Convention where they found themselves standing in many lines, sharing their similar reading interests, and fangirling over attending authors.