Friday, May 5, 2017

Audiobook Review: Burn for Me by Cynthia Eden

Series:     Phoenix Fire #1
Pub. Date:April 18, 2017
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrator:Jillian Macie
Length:11 hrs 59 min

I am absolutely head over heels for Cynthia Eden's LOST series, so I have been wanting to try out some of her paranormals for a while now. I chose this series first because the paranormal characters seem unique - I can't think of any other phoenix stories that I have read. 

The long and short of it is that, aside from the romance, this is the story of an evil scientist conducting forced genetic experiments on supernaturals for the government. Richard Wyatt wants to make a super soldier assassin, one that can't be killed. He is well on his way to doing so with his favorite prisoner, Subject 13... until a pesky reporter shows up.

Cain O'Connor is Subject 13, and he is really tired of being killed by Richard Wyatt. His beast is getting closer and closer to taking over, and Cain has plans. Vengeance to mete out. No time for for a woman that smells like candy, and makes him HUNGRY. But Cain is drawn to the woman, and if he doesn't help her, she is going to get herself killed. Cain was a pretty good hero. He was a gruff and dangerous alpha male, with a tiny bit of vulnerability. 

Eve Bradley is a reporter who decides to go undercover to find out what Richard Wyatt and Genesis are really doing, because she just doesn't believe that all those supernaturals are volunteering to be guinea pigs. I am not usually a fan of reporter heroines because they are typically more concerned with getting the story than any kind of ethics or morality. But Eve and I started off on a good foot. She was there to investigate the bad guy and help the hero. Yay! I applauded her efforts and bravery... at first. But her bravery turned into idiocy as the story progressed. I mean good grief, how many times can you run back to the bad guy, do the wrong thing, and fall into his evil clutches? 

Even though the heroine became somewhat TSTL, I did like the relationship between Cain and Eve. There was lots of chemistry and some steamy intimacy, and Cain just couldn't deny the magnetic pull or her candy smell. It obviously helped him overlook all those annoying traits. Because of the (unnecessary) danger that they were often in, there wasn't much time to build an emotional relationship or connection. So we had bouts of danger and peril, followed by some steamy naked fun. Rinse and repeat. All in all, it was an entertaining action-packed story, but not one with any depth.

There were a few prominent secondary characters in this first installment that I believe were set up as future heroes and heroines for the series. I am interested to see how Ryder and his phoenix get along, and what will happen with our out-of-control werewolf, Trace.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher, Tantor Audio. I recommend this story to fans of paranormal romance, particularly if you liked Eve Langlais' Dragon Point series.