Saturday, September 10, 2016

Series Saturday Audiobook Review: Brotherhood in Death by J.D. Robb

Series:     In Death #42
Pub. Date:Feb. 2, 2016
Publisher:Brilliance Audio
Narrator:Susan Ericksen
Length:13 hrs 37 min

The In Death series is one of those series that I hope never ends. I never get enough Eve or Roarke or Peabody or Roarke or Mr. Mira or Roarke or, um, Roarke. In addition to great characters, I love the futuristic world envisioned by J.D. Robb... its almost like a sophisticated Jetson's with gravity-defying cars, off-planet travel, auto-chefs, house droids, and lots of techy goodness.

Powerful men are being tortured and murdered in brutal ways in New York City, and Eve Dallas is on the case. As usual, she has lots of help putting the puzzle pieces together. Finding what connected these victims in the past, and what connects their killers. The line between victim and villain is definitely blurred in this story, which involves sins of the past being revisited on the evildoers. The investigation hits a little close to home for Eve, and we see her struggle at times with the evidence she uncovers. But Eve proves once again that she always stands for the dead, no matter what their past deeds may have been.

In this installment, we see a lot more of Dennis Mira, the sweet and somewhat discombobulated professor and husband to Charlotte Mira. Seriously, how can you not just love Mr. Mira? He is the sweetest and most caring character that I can ever remember reading... someone you just want to be around and protect and hug as much as possible. So I both loved and hated this book. I loved having more Mr. Mira - but I hated that part of the plot involved him getting hurt. I enjoyed seeing he and Eve grow even closer together. Mr. Mira really ended up being such a great comfort to Eve even when he was going through a difficult situation himself.

With this book's return to some of the more emotional aspects of Eve's past, we see that she is continuing to grow and heal by accepting more people into the small circle that she is willing to open up to. Between opening up to Mr. Mira and frank discussions with Peabody, it really shows that Eve is beginning to triumph over her tragic childhood. As always, Roarke is there to support her through any situation - whether its investigating crime and criminals, or helping her get past some of her freaky nightmares - Roarke is truly Eve's rock and safe place.

I tend to listen to this series solely in audio these days as it really helps to pass the time whether I'm driving or cleaning the house. I am looking forward to my road trip next week in large part because I have Apprentice in Death loaded on my phone and ready to go!